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Rocket X is a new development of the provider 1win Games. The gameplay of the game is quite simple and dynamic, which attracted a lot of attention of players to this crash game.

The plot is also quite original and varied with graphic elements. For a quality game, visit 1win site and enjoy Rocket X at maximum speed.

So, from the first glance at the main character of the game, you can find characteristic features from the famous media personality. The main flying object is a rocket. On both sides of which are installed coefficient windows. The lower part of the screen is occupied by the field of odds from previous bets.

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Design and layout of Rocket X 1win slot

The main difference between Rocket X and similar genre Aviator 1win is that the player has to make his bet before the rocket launches. If he doesn’t make it in time, he will have to wait for the next launch. I.e. the game is multiplayer and several players can bet on the launch of one rocket at the same time.

On the left side of the screen is the most entertaining field. This is a statistics table, where all bets and odds made by players for a certain period of time are calculated.

Also on the “TOP” tab you can find bets with the maximum winning odds received at Rocketix recently. At the time of preparing this review - the maximum winnings amounted to a multiplier of x511 of the bet and came out to be definitely a very solid amount.

The design of Rocket X 1win demo is also quite remarkable. So, except for the main very recognizable character and the rocket, the takeoff space is not empty as in the same Plinko 1win. The rocket encounters a variety of flying objects on its way: cars, UFOs, airplanes, etc. When interacting with some objects and the main character, with the latter occur all sorts of mishaps. So getting under the hot sun rays - he can get badly burned, which looks very comical.

Rocket X 1win

Rocket X game rules

The basic rule is to bet and win. But it must be done wisely. The game Rocket X gives the opportunity to make two bets at once and withdraw each one separately, ie at different odds.

It is also possible to play in auto mode. In order to activate the auto mode you need to set the size of bets, the number of launches to participate, the level of the coefficient at which the rocket will stop and withdraw the winnings. Playing in automatic mode gives you the opportunity to get wins with enviable regularity.

But the main key to success in Rocket X 1win is the presence of strategy and strict adherence to certain rules. In this article, we will try to identify some of the main tactics that will help players navigate the mechanics of winning.

Rocket X 1win strategy - winning tactics

There are many variations of optimal tactics and strategies in Rocket given on the net. Many of them turn out to be really winning, and some of them turn out to be equally failing.

Play at minimum. Such a strategy stipulates that the Rocket should be taken out of the game only at odds from 1.5 to 1.8. You will not get a big win on this tactic, but stable and frequent payouts are guaranteed.

Strategy of moderate bets. In many ways, each strategy depends on the value of the multiplier. So. With a moderate strategy, it is recommended to stop the game Rocket X at the level of the multiplier from x2 to x3. The probability of winning within such multipliers keeps within the range of 40 to 50%, which is also a good indicator. As a result, almost every second bet can be a winning bet.

Aggressive betting tactics. Such tactics are applicable for odds above the x100 mark. According to reviews Rocket X 1win high odds can fall out once in 1.5-2 hours. Such statistics, and accordingly the optimal time for a high bet can be calculated independently by analyzing the open history of bets.

Rocket X 1win

Conclusion and general conclusions about the game

However, you should not rely entirely on any strategies. Still, any slot machine at 1win casino 100% reliably predict the outcome of the bet can only random number generator. For a player who does not have the desire to drain his entire bankroll is important to adhere to the limits and do not exceed the total time in the game.


You can bet in Rocket X only for real money. But you can follow the current game by going through the registration procedure. So you can not only familiarize yourself with the interface of the slot machine, but also with the statistics of wins. This will allow you to calculate the time interval from the last maximum winnings and make a bet guided by a strategy of aggressive bets.
Yes. The machine is optimized for mobile devices. In addition, at 1win you can download the standard mobile casino app and get a nice bonus of up to 100 USD/EUR. The only difference between the browser and mobile version of Rocket X slot is that the current odds section has been moved from the bottom to the sidebar of the screen.
Maximum winnings in Rocket X slot can be obtained not only on the maximum bet. A lot depends on the player and of course the odds. There are several working strategies: low and medium bets, aggressive tactics. All of them do not give a guaranteed result, but can bring the game system, which will affect the winnings positively.
As such, there is no such thing as an RTP for this type of crash game. You can calculate the percentage of return slot machine Rocket X using the statistics table and calculator. On average, the probability of winning is on low odds from 70 to 80%, on medium - from 40 to 50%, and on high - less than 5%.
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