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1win Cases: games for money


Casino 1win presents its exclusive development - 1win cases with money. The development team did their best, inventing entertainment for their users with a guaranteed win. So cases are a specific kind of win-win lottery. The principle of the game: open and win.

1win casino bonuses

1win cases - information about the game

1win official site posted 8 cases on the platform with various winning options from 1 UAH. up to 25000 UAH.

Each of them has a title:

  • beginner
  • lucky,
  • top,
  • lucky,
  • luxury,
  • oligarch,
  • millionaire,
  • master of life.

The cost varies from 5 UAH. for opening the case «Beginner» up to 5000 UAH for opening the case “Master of Life”. Each case can be purchased an unlimited number of times or put on automatic opening.

Pros Cons
✔️ Guaranteed win ❌ No
✔️ Simple terms and minimum player requirements
✔️ Three visualization options
✔️ Casino reputation

Why is it worth playing 1win cases?

The answer is unequivocal, because only the 1win bookmaker provides the opportunity to open cases, no other casino is involved in the project.

1 vin Ukraine has made the game as accessible and understandable to the user as possible. The player does not require special skills and abilities. Perhaps it is because of its simplicity and accessibility that it is so popular. So, many gamblers, when planning costs and developing a winning strategy, opt for this option, which is confirmed by 1win case reviews.

Due to some difficulties with territorial access, the entrance to the official website of the 1win online casino is possible through a mirror. There are quite a lot of them, for each region its own. The functionality of the mirror and the original is identical. Only the domain name changes. Where exactly, among the huge number of slots, roulettes, games in live casino, cases of 1 wine are hidden.

So, the site meets us with the traditional colors of the night - where the lights of advertisements flash. A real casino - where the smell of excitement hovers with a touch of adventure, a little bit of bitterness from defeat and the delight of victories. Only top-class casinos can afford worthy developers who can bring all the functionality to perfection.

1win Cases with money

The advantage of playing cases on the online casino site 1 win

Each button, feature, letter, the entire visual part of – everything is honed to perfection. There is no feeling that some of the sections were saved or low-quality software was placed.

Yes, it’s impossible – since the online casino is subjected to so many checks that if a normal participant in the gambling market places some kind of failed slot from an illegal provider – immediately lose everything or pay a huge fine.

Yes. That’s right, if you want to succeed in this market – you have to play by the rules. If only these rules were cruel.

A casino 1vin, as a developer and as a platform where the most advanced technologies and TOP providers are collected – is more worried about his reputation than for momentary gain.

Where can I download 1win cases?

Conventionally, the site has a header with the player’s personal information, it is located at the very first place, there are also promotion buttons and 1win bonuses, replenishment of the account, entry and exit from the personal account.

Next is an active banner with bonuses and promotions. By the way, do you remember – that only at 1win casino the welcome bonus for registration is up to 500% of the deposit amount.

Below is the header where you can already see a breakdown of the casino offers. Here you can bet on sports and casinos, and casinos with live dealers, and eSports and online broadcasts of the best gambling games in live mode.

In the header, in the expanded “More” line; and the most real 1win cases with money are located. Clicking on the link sends us to the section with this particular game.

The cases have four visualizations:

  • basic, for those for whom the picture does not matter, and most importantly the numbers;
  • memes – with a hint of humor;
  • fighters – famous wrestlers and boxers are depicted on the skins;
  • YouTube – famous bloggers have already been captured there.

There are 8 sets in total, but we already said that. The minimum win is 1 hryvnia, subject to the spent 5 hryvnia – This is the “Beginner” set. But let’s say – this case is not the most popular. It is purchased by completely new users in order to understand how to play and what’s what. Well, here nobody loses dry. We say – win-win lottery.

1win Money Cases

Case categories 1win

But the most expensive case is 1vin – it is, of course, “The Master of Life.” The maximum win in this case is UAH 25,000, and the costs – 5000 UAH By the way, on the left side of the page 1win cases with money, there are statistics on winnings, if someone doubts their effectiveness.

On the tab of each case, its cost is indicated, the range of possible winnings from and to. If you click on the button with the selected set, then inside we will see bonuses for increasing winnings from 10 to 30%. For example, in the most expensive set, a 30% win bonus can be purchased for 2500 UAH. Total spending 5000 UAH. and buying a promotion bonus for 2500 UAH. you can really claim a high amount of winnings.

Experienced players never neglect bonuses to increase odds.

Impressions and reviews of 1vin cases

Adherents of the 1 win case game are both experienced players and beginners. For some, it is included in the overall strategy of winning combinations, someone played 1 time and never returned, but we are sure absolutely everyone has played cases on the platform at least once.

Yes, and 1–win cases are mentioned all the time in the reviews. And we reviewed quite a few of them. One cannot but rejoice at the responsible approach to the game of developers. The casino is responsible for its developments, as well as for the platform itself. Those. Guaranteed no interference of third parties in the game server. And the result of winning is absolutely random, all predicted scenarios are excluded.

The main advantage of – This is of course a guaranteed win. The minimum income from a case is half of its value. Without using the bonus – this will be the minimum gain. If you apply increases, then the chances of maximum profit will increase by 10, 20 or 30 percent proportionally.

Reviews often mention that it would be necessary to increase the number of cases themselves, the players are ready to expand their investments. We assure – we are already working on it. In the meantime, we suggest you go to the 1 vin cases tab and evaluate all the advantages of playing cases on your own. We guarantee – you will be satisfied!


Cases 1vin is an author’s development from the online casino 1vin. The technical part of the game is built taking into account all the requirements of the players. If there are any difficulties in the functionality of the 1 win cases game, players can always contact round-the-clock support.
The game cases from 1vin offers winning sets in the amount of 8 options. The most expensive of them - “Master of Life”, allows you to win a maximum of 25,000 UAH. and costs 5000 UAH. Taking into account the maximum chance increase bonus, the player will spend 7500 UAH. But the chances of getting the jackpot will increase by as much as 30%.
Of course. The 1 win casino mobile application is no different from the basic desktop version. All functionality, buttons, sections - everything is adapted for a smartphone or tablet. The player can also log into his personal account, replenish his account, fill out requests for withdrawal of funds and, of course, download 1vin cases.
As such, there are no rules. Absolutely everyone can play 1win cases without special training. The game is based on the principle opened - won. But we still advise you to first calculate how much you need to invest and how much to spend on bonuses in order to get a profit in this game.