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Now it is difficult to believe that once even in the best casinos roulette is not was, and the most popular games of chance were dice and thimbles. This really was before the advent of playing cards and roulette for money, but already in the 18th century the casino was greatly transformed and surprised all gambling lovers with its new entertainments. Most of all, the players were impressed by the new game using a table, a spinning wheel with numbers and a ball, which was later called roulette.

The history of the appearance of roulette for money

Interestingly, the roulette wheel was invented as a result of bad experience. Scientist Blaise Pascal, inventing a perpetual motion machine, created a rotating disk with a ball that spins in the opposite direction. This invention did not become a perpetual motion machine, but perfectly suited for gambling, which would later be called Roulette.

Roulette varieties and rules

Roulette gained immense popularity after its appearance, and many casinos from all over the world wanted to have it in their gambling house. After the massive distribution, roulette acquired many varieties and rules, which differed both in the number of sectors on the drum and in the type of bets.

However, today the main types of online roulette are:

  • European Roulette There are 36 red and black squares on the wheel of this roulette, as well as one zero (0) square. The European look of this game is considered canon and is used all over the world.
  • American Roulette. In roulette of this type, as well as in European, 18 sectors of red and black are used, but unlike its progenitor, the American one has two “zero” fields on its wheel - 0 and 00

Roulette online

After the emergence of online casinos, roulette became popular in the online mode. Since playing on the global network is very simple and accessible, the game, beloved by many, could not be left without proper attention. Now online roulette is very popular among online casino users, and this is due to the emergence of a new mode for playing it - live roulette. In this variation, the player sees a real gaming table and a professional croupier who accepts roulette bets using an online broadcast.

It is in this type of roulette that 1win online casino offers you to play. On the website of this casino you will find the most popular types of this cult game, and you can also try your luck at live roulette. The most popular games for money are in 1win online casino .


How to play roulette for real money?

The game begins with the fact that everyone who wants to play roulette makes their bets. There are two types of bets: internal and external. Each of them has its own odds for a win, which is multiplied by the amount of the bet in case of a win. After the croupier finishes accepting bets, he spins the roulette wheel and throws the ball. Having stopped, the ball determines the winners.

What is the difference between American and European roulette?

The number of fields in American roulette is one more than in European. When money roulette moved overseas, the Americans decided to increase the casino commission. This was done thanks to another "Zero" field. Thus, the percentage of the establishment's net earnings doubled, amounting to 5.4%.

How often does Zero appear in online roulette?

Purely mathematically, the odds are 1 in 36, and if we play American roulette, then 1 in 37. But the interesting thing is that by betting $ 1 on Zero, you win only 35. Speaking about percentages, the chances are that it will be "Zero" that will drop out, making up 2-3%. At the same time, online roulette is no different from the traditional one, since the odds remain the same.

What is the difference between online roulette and traditional roulette?

Online roulette has a huge advantage over traditional roulette, because you can play it anywhere. If we talk about the mechanism, then it is quite similar. The only difference is that the traditional game depends on randomness, while the online game depends on the randomness generator. Thus, everyone can play real roulette for money.