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Relying on luck is not enough to become a successful poker player. Poker is the only gambling game in which you will need not only to learn the rules, but also to be a good psychologist in order to anticipate the opponent's move and calculate the strategy of the game in advance. The game of poker is entertainment for intellectuals. Moreover, poker is an official sports discipline! You can argue for a long time about the ethical side of the addiction to ordinary gambling, but no one will blame you for your love of poker at 1win casino!

Poker at 1win Casino

Online poker is a modern version of the classic game. This is poker for everyone! Visitors to 1win Casino can play a game against the computer, compete with other players, and even connect to a live dealer game! If you are ready to reach a new level, we recommend taking part in tournaments. Defeat your rivals and get the grand prize!

The 1win catalog contains more than 100 poker games, among which both a novice gambler and a real poker shark can find their own:

  • Joker Poker
  • Casino Holdem
  • Bonus Poker
  • Russian Poker
  • Texas Holdem

Games may differ in rules, size of the entry fee and, of course, prize money. The main goal of playing poker is to get opponents out of the game and take their money. The higher you climb in the standings, the more chances you have of winning. The situation can change literally in a few moves, so calculate the probabilities in advance and do not make rash bets.

How to choose the best poker site?

Choose a licensed gaming club.
Today gambling is legal, and there is no point in risking money on “black” sites. 1win Casino operates in accordance with Ukrainian law and guarantees the observance of all players' rights.

This is perhaps the most important rule for beginner players. Note that playing poker at 1win online casino is more profitable than in highly specialized poker rooms. Why? Professional poker sites are full of serious gangsters - experienced players who are just waiting for a newbie to rip them off. And if you are just learning the wisdom of big poker, you have nothing to do on such resources.

Tips for beginners from 1WIN online casino

  • Learn the rules of classic poker.
    It is on them that any poker game is built, even if it is machines. Knowing the combinations is necessary for every player, this is the basis of the basics. For the convenience of the players, many slot machines are equipped with special tips, which describe in detail the rules of the game you have chosen.
  • Don't play high stakes and speed poker until you get some experience.
    Weigh each bet, give yourself time to think. At first, do not be ashamed to spy on combinations, make yourself a cheat sheet and check with it.
  • A starting player should never go all-in.
    The beginner's style of play is immediately apparent, and objectively, you have not a lot of chances that your opponents will get scared and fold their cards. In the end, it is better to win a small amount and stay at the table than to take unnecessary risks and lose.
  • Don't try to bluff.
    Contrary to popular belief, this tactic is not always optimal. And in order to bluff effectively, you need to have excellent playing skills and be 100% confident in your victory.
  • Take part in tournaments.
    After all, this is not only an opportunity to win a large amount of money, but also a wonderful experience! There are tournaments with a small buy-in (entry cost), do not miss such events.

We are confident that any small fish can grow into a real poker shark! We believe in you, go for it!


Can I play 1win online poker with my friends?

Of course, because playing with your friends is much more interesting and exciting. We understand this and provide our players with the opportunity to play poker online with each other. To do this, you only need to know your friend's login to find it among other members. You can also just agree to sit at the same table and then you will play not only with each other but also with other players.

Can I play 1win online poker for real money?

On the official 1win website, there is only online poker for money. This means that you will not be able to play «for candy wrappers» - only real money and only real winnings. The minimum bet in online poker at 1win casino is UAH 1, and the maximum bet can be whatever you are willing to risk.

How to play online poker at 1win casino website?

If you have played online poker at least once, then you should not have any questions regarding the use of the site. You just need to go to the «1win poker online» tab, choose the type of poker, the appropriate bankroll and the maximum number of players at the table. Then you just need to choose one of the many tables and start playing online poker.

Is there rake in 1win online poker?

Like any other online casino, 1win poker online has its own percentage of the game, which is called rake. The rake at 1win casino is 3 percent of the total pot. However, we must not forget about cashback, which applies not only to fast gambling and sports betting, but also to online poker. Part of the rake will be returned to you in the form of cashback, which you can withdraw once a week.