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National lotteries are very popular among Ukrainians. For many years, Sportloto and the Ukrainian National Lottery have been favorites. But no less popular are online lotteries with small circulations. After all, they are much easier to play! For a modest fee, you will get the opportunity to win a large sum of money without leaving your home. And the choice of online lotteries in Ukraine today is huge.

On the official resource of the 1win bookmaker, you can find a large selection of lotteries that are famous for their solid cash rewards for winning. To become a happy owner of such an amount, it is often enough just to press one button. But before that, 1win registration and verification are required in order to be able to withdraw the money earned to your account.

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Betting: betting on online lotteries

Today, online betting is a legal way to make money. Choose a reliable bookmaker operating legally on the Ukrainian market. These companies include 1win bookmaker.

After entering the official website of the bookmaker, you are offered to place bets in the games loved all over the world:

  • Bingo;
  • Keno;
  • UNL;
  • State lottery;
  • Superloto and others

Valuable prizes are drawn almost every minute. It is for this reason that we advise you to place several bets at once in order to increase your chances of winning. In addition, Ukrainian lotteries, which are placed in the electronic catalog of the bookmaker, are known for their generous gifts and additional awards that expand the list of winners.

Also, on the 1win platform, everyone can take part in an instant draw. To do this, you just need to buy a lottery ticket and immediately after that check with the spreadsheet data. That is why instant lotteries are considered a good option for those players who do not want to wait for the scheduled draw time for the main prize. Instead, they can enjoy spending a few minutes of their time between gambling directly in the casino.

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What are the stakes in 1win online lotteries?

In order to win the lottery, we advise you to first study the rules of this lottery. In some games, it will be enough to buy a lottery ticket, and the winnings are practically in your pocket. But in some varieties, you will have to make an effort and think about which combinations of numbers can be winning. We have collected in one place all types of bets that are present on our site:

  • smallest or largest number,
  • number of even/odd,
  • total of the 1st and last number,
  • total max/min values,
  • multiplicity of digits,
  • other rates - may vary from lottery to lottery.

The results of any lotteries are based on the theory of probability. Neither the bookmaker, nor the player, nor the bettor can even approximately predict the outcome of the draw. Therefore, the lottery is an honest, but not the most profitable entertainment. Treat it as a way to throw out excitement and get an adrenaline rush, and not as a way to earn money.

But still, there are several strategies that will allow you to simplify the gameplay. The main types of tactics include Martingale, Miller’s financial management, Kelly’s score, Oscar Grind, and others. These financial management systems are considered the most reliable and time-tested, as they help to understand the principle of drawing lotteries a little better.

Popular lotteries in BC 1win

We have studied the preferences of our customers and we can conclude that some like instant draws, others like more complex games with a large number of outcomes. In any case, online casino can offer them a wide variety of lotteries, among which the most popular enjoy:

  • Sportloto
  • Superloto Ukraine
  • Keno Lottery
  • Sport forecast
  • Top type
  • National Lottery

Keno is considered the most popular type. This game appeared in the last century and immediately became popular among gamblers. This is not surprising, since the main feature of this type of draw is that absolutely everyone can take part in it without any skills.

The rules of the game are incredibly simple and are as follows: you will have to buy a lottery ticket in order to become a member. It has 80 numbers printed on it, among which you need to choose from 2 to 20. To increase the chances of winning, you can buy several tickets at once. After the draw, you will be able to compare your selected numbers with those that were in the winning combination. Agree that the rules are really very simple, which is why keno attracts many players.

  • Bingo Classic
  • Keno Universe
  • 35/48 Lucky Six
  • Lucky Coins
  • Ocean
  • Book of Keno
  • Quick Bingo

Bets on lotteries on the 1win official website should be included in a special category.
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More about the types of lotteries?

The 1vin gaming platform offers a large selection of online lotteries that will help replenish your family budget and give you incredible emotions. All of them are divided into several types:

  • Instant - attract attention because they allow you to find out the result of the draw just a few minutes after purchasing the ticket. This type is considered the simplest and quite attractive.
  • Drawing - the result of the game can be viewed at the appointed time. So you can buy your tickets in advance and get ready to watch the draw.
  • Online. A kind of lottery that combines the best qualities of the two draws described earlier. They differ in a more complex gameplay, which surprises with its interactivity and fairly fast results.

Each type of lottery attracts in its own way.

Who will get a lucky 1win ticket?

As you already understood, the lottery is an unpredictable event. And this is his feature! You can rely on folk omens, pray to your gods, or perform rituals for good luck. This will not affect the random number generator in any way.

The best strategy for playing the lottery is to manage your gaming account wisely. Do not try to win back and do not buy lottery tickets in bulk.

Luck will smile on you when you least expect it!


The official resource of 1win casino presents a large selection of online lotteries. You can participate in them both for real money and for free. Instant virtual lotteries include scratch cards, bingo and keno. In total, there are about 142 varieties of lotteries in the casino collection. You can also play live lotteries on the platform, where the process is controlled by live dealers.
To participate in the keno lottery, you first need to buy a lottery ticket. After that, choose 20 numbers from 80 offered on it. Mark them on your ticket and wait for the result of the drawing, which will take place at the appointed time. The date of its holding can be in 1 day or immediately. At the end, all that remains is to check your numbers with the winning combination.
Bingo is an American version of the lottery. It differs insignificantly from the usual lottery. In Lotto, the dealer takes kegs with numbers out of the bag, and in Bingo, these numbers are written on the balls that come out of the spinning drum. Also at the end of the American game, the player who has closed all the numbers on his cards shouts the phrase Bingo loudly.
Live lottery is held only for registered users of the 1win bookmaker. It is located in the Live section, which can be accessed from the main menu. Immediately after going to her page, a hall opens in front of you with a live broadcast of the game and keys that will help you place a bet. The live lottery is drawn every 2-3 minutes.