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If you haven’t played Blackjack for real money, you don’t know anything about a real casino! After all, this cult card game is not just one of the top three card games along with baccarat and poker. Playing blackjack online at 1win casino is not so difficult: the rules are simple and clear, and the Blackjack game with 1win itself is fast and dynamic!

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Types of 1vin Blackjack

Another reason to play 1win casino blackjack online is the ability to choose from a variety of options new 1win games your favorite.

  • American Blackjack. The peculiarity of this version is that the iconic blackjack combination can be collected only at the first distribution. The dealer deals himself two cards: open and closed. If the open is 10 or an ace, the second one opens. If BJ is collected, the casino wins.
  • Spanish 2. The uniqueness of this variant of the game is that tens and jokers are not used. There are 48 cards in total in the game.
  • Classic version. Classic rules: the goal is to score 21 points and no more. There are 52 cards in the game. If necessary, you can ask the croupier for a third card. This game is well known to many as “Point” and “21”.
  • 6-deck BlackJack. There are six decks in the game. Otherwise, the rules are standard. The win ratio is 3:2.
  • Double Exposure. When the cards are dealt, the croupiers are exposed. This gives a huge advantage to the players, because they know in advance which move will be beneficial for them.
  • Blackjack Switch. The dealer deals two cards to himself, and to the players - two hands at once. The player can pick up the strongest combinations, which increases the chance of winning.

Play 1win blackjack for free online

Not confident in your abilities? Try to play blackjack in the Ukrainian casino 1win for free: a test demo version is no different from playing blackjack for money. So you can try all the BJ variants presented on the 1win official website, compare the game mechanics, evaluate the unique design and the possibility of winning.

In order to be able to earn at real money casino, you need to register and make your first deposit.

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Blackjack inception: how the cult game appeared

No one knows the exact author’s name. But blackjack was played long before it got its name. In Europe of the 15th-16th century, the game “Vingt Et Un” (fr.), also known as “Veintiuno” (it.), also known as “21”, was popular. But the game became a “Black Jack” only after one sly American casino owner decided that by increasing the winning ratio when a player receives an “ace of spades + jack of spades” combination, he will attract more customers. And so it happened. And the Blackjack game has become the hallmark of any self-respecting casino.

Blackjack for money at 1win casino

Let’s note right away that the rules of the game of blackjack allow for different options for participation. The main rule remains only that in any scenario it is necessary to collect a winning combination. The task is to have such a combination of cards in hand, the face value of which is higher than that of the dealer, but at the same time does not exceed 21 points. In some rules, the goal is to collect 31 points. However, this kind of blackjack is not very popular, and in general, apart from this difference, the rules of classic blackjack and 31-point blackjack are identical.

Pro tip - if you want to win at blackjack, you first need to remember the winning combinations of cards and the meaning of each.

What game options should a beginner try?

Our users recommend:

  • American BlackJack
  • European Blackjack
  • Blackjack Lucky Sevens
  • BlackJack Multi-hand V.I.P.
  • Live Blackjack Lobby

Playing blackjack by the rules

Unlike other card games for money – the suits of the drawn cards in blackjack are not taken into account. Accordingly, when counting, one should pay attention exclusively to the face value of the cards. Thus, the dropped cards with a value from two to nine are equal to the number indicated on them. Tens, jacks, queens and kings will bring the player 10 winning points. Ace, in turn, can be counted as 1 point, and for 11.

What does this mean and how does the ace value count towards 1win through the official website? So, counting the points of a player who has aces – you can choose the maximum possible amount (up to 11) not exceeding 21. When such a calculation is carried out, where the value of an ace can be equal to both 1 and 11, and in both cases it is possible to avoid busting, no more than 21 points – such a hand is called “soft”. The hard hand provides – that an ace is worth only 1 point.

The cost and value of cards in the rules of classic blackjack

The standard rules for playing card blackjack at 1win Casino are for competition between the players and the casino. The game deck is made up of 6 card decks, each with 52 cards, which in total reaches 312 cards.

The player’s task is to collect the maximum number of cards of the winning value, but at the same time not exceed the value of 21 or “point”. If the total value of the cards in the player’s hand is greater than – it is considered that the participant has lost and the bet goes to the casino bank. And it doesn’t matter how many cards and what denomination the dealer has in his hand.

1win Blackjack

How to play classic blackjack

You can play card blackjack in almost every casino, including 1win online casino. The differences lie in the fact that both the minimum and maximum bets at the playing table, and even some rules that were considered generally accepted, depend on the category and rules of the institution.

In order to attract maximum new visitors – the organizers bring some changes to the classic rules of the game, giving the players concessions and additional privileges. Among other things, some casinos also have independent varieties of blackjack, which differ not only in the rules of the game, the number of playing cards involved, payouts and rules for calculating winnings, but even in the name – but still continue to be classified as blackjack.

If a player on 1win BC is a complete beginner – and does not even understand how blackjack differs, for example, from baccarat; “Find 10 differences.”

  • This is definitely a card game that takes place at the table.
  • The canvas of the table is divided into rectangular blocks for players’ bets. Depending on the type of blackjack – there are tables for 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 blocks.
  • One or several players take part in the game, each of which has the right to bet on a different number of free fields. Thus, the game takes place simultaneously with several hands and layouts.
  • The playing deck is dealt openly.

First, the 1vin casino dealer gives out two playing cards for each bet in the block and keeps one for himself. Players then take turns drawing cards into their decks. The croupier also closes the game circle, who in this case plays for about. This game is not competitive, no one interferes with or competes with each other, only random layouts are involved in winning. The only task of the players – beat the casino.

Basic Blackjack Winning Strategy

The most common strategy, welcomed by professionals who spend a lot of time in online casinos – it is following the basic rules of the game in an effort not to draw more cards into your hand. In other words – the main winning option will be the line of the game, in which the player who has scored about 12 or more points must fold, so as not to get another 10 points in the hand and not to leave the table with a loss. After all, when, for example, an ace – it is quite possible.


Everything is quite simple. Number cards from two to nine - give the corresponding number of points when calculating the amount. Cards with a face value of 10, jack, queen or king give the player ten winning points, respectively. An ace can be regarded when calculating the deal as one point or eleven, depending on the rules of the game of the selected table in the 1win casino.
You can become a player in live casino 1 win only after registering and replenishing your account with real money. Then you can be present at the virtual table and place bets. If you still do not have enough determination to replenish your gaming account, you can watch how other players play in live casino from the outside, without taking an active part, video broadcasts are available from many leading providers in a free mode.
The basic strategy involves the ability of a blackjack player in 1win casino to retreat or fold in time. This is not a competitive type of game and the participants do not need to count and memorize the handouts given to the players, especially since it is almost impossible to do this out of 6 card decks. As a rule, it is necessary to put the cards on the table at the moment when the player has already accumulated 12 or more points in his hands. This is, perhaps, the only winning strategy in this card game.
As a rule, the winnings in monetary terms depend on the software product itself or the video slot in which the competition takes place. The player who scored the maximum number of points, but did not exceed the amount of 21 points, and did not pass, takes the entire pot. Player - who immediately took the blackjack hand, i.e. 21 points, a bonus is awarded 2.5 times the amount of the total pot. But such a distribution is very approximate, and we advise you to visit the 1win casino platform in order to at least in demo mode feel the winning bets at different tables and choose the most understandable and profitable for yourself.