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1win Aviator: game, strategy and rules

If you regularly play for money in online casinos, then you are most likely familiar with the game Aviator Spribe. This gambling game is rightfully considered one of the most popular, attracting a large number of players with its simplicity and dynamics. But what if we say that the Aviator is a more difficult game than it might seem at first glance? This does not mean that it is difficult to play it, because you can always trust the will of chance, betting on obum. The difficulty of playing Aviator for money is a little different, and in this article we will explain what exactly.

What is Aviator Spribe Game?

But first, we will tell you about what an Aviator game is, because not everyone is familiar with it. 1vin Aviator is a game in which you have to predict the altitude of an aircraft. The difference between this fast gambling game from many others is that it is multiplayer, and the outcome of each round is the same for everyone. This means that its mechanics are very different from other fast money games, the outcome of which depends on the percentage of return. This is what makes Aviator Spribe more challenging than most other online games, but we'll talk about that a little later.

1WIN Aviator game

How to play Aviator (money game)?

In order to take part in the round, you need to place a bet. The bet is placed on the flight altitude, which at the same time is equal to the odds for winning. Everything here is like in sports betting: the higher the odds, the more risky the bet and the bigger the win. If the plane took off to a higher altitude than your bet, then you won, and if not, you lost. It is necessary to place a bet in the Aviator game for money even before the start of the round, which combines it with the classic roulette. It is also worth noting that in the Aviator game, you can make two bets at the same time, thereby overriding a risky bet with a more correct one.

Aviator game: strategy and regularity of outcomes

Now let's talk about what makes the Aviator game so unique. We have already noted its similarity to the roulette wheel, but this is far from their only similarity. You've probably heard that in roulette you can use a strategy that increases your chances of success. In the Aviator game, you can also use similar strategies, and this is its main difference from other fast money games. Let's list the most popular strategies in this game:

  • We will start with the most correct Aviator strategy, which is based on large bets at small odds. The fact is that in the Aviator game for money very rarely there are outcomes that would be less than 1.1. You can open the flight history and see for yourself. Of course, there is also a chance of failure, but it comes down to 1-2%, while the chance of success is very high.
  • Let's move on to a more risky bet, which is based on the regularity of the outcomes. The fact is that in the Aviator game you can observe a certain pattern of outcomes and make money on this. The most popular pattern: 5 flights in a row with an altitude of less than 2 precede a large coefficient, which is most often more than 10. When you see this pattern, it's time for a big bet, but to be sure, we advise you to overlap it with a bet with a lower odds. For example, the main bid will be at height 10, and the overlap will be at height 2.
  • Since we have touched on the similarities between Aviator Spribe and classic roulette, we cannot fail to mention the Martingale strategy. It is based on catch-up tactics: if the previous bet was unsuccessful, then the amount of the next one should simply be doubled. The only difference is that the bet will be placed not on red or black, but exclusively on odds 2. This strategy is suitable only for those players whose budget is not limited or allows them to make 100 bets with the same amount.

It should be understood that Aviator strategies only reduce the percentage of unsuccessful outcomes, and do not exclude it.

1win Aviator: play for real money in a legal online casino

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How to play Aviator Spribe?

The main goal of the Aviator 1win game is to place a bet on the height to which the plane will take off. If the plane takes off higher than your stake, then you win, if it takes off, you lose. In some ways, the game Aviator Spribe resembles the card game Blackjack, where the main thing is the same - not to overdo it.

What makes 1vin Aviator game different from other online games?

It seems that all fast money games online are similar, but this is not quite the case, at least on the 1win site. Aviator is the game that confirms this the best, as its mechanism is very different from others. The main difference between the Aviator game and others is that it is multiplayer. Therefore, the results of all flights are the same for each player.

Aviator 1win is a game for money or is it free to play?

Another difference between the Aviator game is that there is no demo mode in it. The game is played only for real money, however you can simply watch other users play. Thus, you will become familiar with the mechanics of the game, as well as be able to find the pattern of outcomes. Let us remind you that the pattern will allow you to use strategies in the Aviator game.

How can I find a game on the 1win Aviator website?

On the official website, 1win Aviator for money is highlighted separately in the website menu. Aviator is a game that is very popular among the players of our portal, so we decided to distinguish it separately from other casino games. Also Aviator Spribe can be found in the section with casino games by opening the category - Other games for money.