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What is 1win live casino?


We present you all the best live games for real money. Live casino 1win is hundreds of exciting games of chance with a real croupier. Feel the atmosphere of a real gambling house without leaving the threshold of your home!

On this page of the 1win official website you will find more than two hundred gambling games that are conducted by live dealers. Choose any and start playing for money right now! And if you are interested in what is live casino online and how to play it, then we recommend that you read this article. In it you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is a live casino with live dealers?;
  • How to play live games and how do they differ from fast entertainment?;
  • How did live casino online appear?;
  • What live games are there in 1win casino online?;
  • What is the most popular live dealer casino game?

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What is 1win live casino?

In order to understand what a live casino is, it is worth understanding the history of its occurrence. The casino has existed for more than half a century, and during this time it has changed a lot. Many interesting games appeared, which later became immortal classics, but there was no significant transformation of gambling houses until 1995. This year, the world’s first online casino appeared, which significantly changed the vector of development of the gambling industry. Now, in order to play for money, a person does not even need to leave home, and for big wins at 1win live casino, you just need to turn on the computer and go to your favorite site.

How to play 1win live casino games?

Although live games are very different from fast games, they still have some similarities. The main similarity is the gameplay. The upper part of the screen in live casino games is a video broadcast, the lower part is the control keys. Using the keys, the player makes a bet and waits for the outcome of the game. Doesn’t it remind you of anything?

However, the atmosphere of live games cannot be compared to fast games. Take the same roulette: in a casino with live dealers, you watch every step of the croupier, while in fast games, the outcome of the game is known almost immediately. For some, on the contrary, this is a minus, since the party lasts longer. However, the process of the game itself is many times more exciting and interesting.

How you started playing online casino roulette

All classic games have moved to online casinos, and every year new types and game modes have been released. One of the most popular innovations was the live casino, which opened up new opportunities for fans of gambling. Live casino managed to combine all the chips of an online casino and the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment. Now you can feel like in a real Las Vegas casino without even leaving your home.

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How online roulette works

The mechanics of a live casino is quite curious, but the creators have not invented anything unique. The player enters the game room and automatically connects to the video broadcast of everything that happens. In a live casino, he is greeted by a gaming table, a professional croupier and the unique atmosphere of a real casino. There are quite a few types of games in this mode, and each of them has several gaming tables, which allows the player to choose a hall according to his budget.

Live Casino - 1win Roulette in Ukraine

Roulette was invented in the 18th century and quickly gained popularity among all gambling enthusiasts. Very quickly, roulette has spread throughout the world, and has become one of the most iconic games for money. In some countries, their own versions of this game were invented, but only two of them were destined to become canonical.

The main types of online roulette

  • European roulette. Since roulette was invented in Europe, then, therefore, it is this type that is classic. European roulette has 18 red and black sectors on its wheel and only one green - “Zero”. Also in this type of game, a strict order of sector numbering is used: 0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25-17-34-6-27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5 -24-16-33-1-20-14-31-9-22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26
  • American Roulette. Roulette quickly crossed the Atlantic, and the Americans added their own rules to this game. In the American version, another green field appeared, and the order of the numbers on the wheel changed: 0-28-9-26-30-11-7-20-32-17-5-22-34-15-3-24-36- 13-1-00-27-10-25-29-12-8-19-31-18-6-21-33-16-4-23-35-14-2. It is American roulette that is the most popular in 1win live casino.

How the online roulette game appeared

Live roulette appeared after a series of unsuccessful experiments. Online casinos tried to recreate the very fascination of roulette, but they did not do it in the best way. First versions online Roulettes were more like a children’s arcade game than a cult game of chance. However, after the appearance of live casinos, the creators managed to do something that they had not been able to do for many years. With the help of video broadcasting, the player finally has the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of 1win live roulette.

What live games are there at 1win casino online?

1win live casino has a lot of different games, among which you will find:

  • roulette;
  • black Jack;
  • baccarat;
  • poker online;
  • lotteries;
  • Game Show and other entertainment.

In fact, there are all the most popular gambling games in live mode. On top of that, each of the genres has several varieties, so there is something for everyone!

In addition to Live games, there are other live games on the 1win portal. They are located in the Betgames and TVBet categories. Each of these sections contains more than 10 popular games. In which you can play with real croupiers in a casino thanks to the online broadcast of what is happening.


This section contains the 12 most popular games among the players of all online casinos:

  • Hot 7;
  • Andar Bahar;
  • Battle rates;
  • Poker 6+;
  • Poker;
  • Baccarat;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • Wheel classic offline;
  • Lucky seven;
  • 6 out of 60;
  • 5 out of 36;
  • Duel of bones.

You can read the rules in detail on the official website of 1win. And after registering and receiving chic bonuses, you can take part and immediately place bets. It does not matter what time of day you decide to play. Live games work around the clock.

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The section contains 15 most popular games:

  • Blackjack - only poker is more popular than this card game. Due to its simplicity, playing blackjack at 1win attracts millions of players from all over the world. The rules are extremely simple, the player and the croupier try to collect from 17 to 21 points. Whoever has more or who gets blackjack wins.
  • Andar Bahar is an Indian game that is rapidly gaining popularity among players. Very simple and exciting. There are two fields Andar and Bahar, as well as a card in the middle (joker). The player’s task is to guess in which field there will be a card that matches the value of the joker.
  • Tin Party - translated as “Three cards”. Also, this Indian card game is known as “Flush” or “Indian Poker”. The essence of the game is to collect a stronger combination of three cards than other players. Players in 1 win can bet on the victory of one of the players or on a combination of cards.
  • Mega 6 or 6 out of 49 is a standard lottery where players place their bets and watch the draw in real time.
  • Fruitrace is a unique game that combines lottery and racing! Or, in other words, it’s something like slot machines in the form of a lottery. It uses balls with pictograms instead of numbers, and the winner is determined by the number of pictogram matches.
  • 1 BET or Bingo 37 is a mixture of lottery and European roulette. The randomly dropped ball will be the result of the game. The player’s task in 1win is to place a bet on the number, color, odd or even number of the ball. You can also bet on 3, 6, 12 or 18 numbers in order. Or immediately for 12 balls, but not in order.
  • Lucky 6 - a lottery where you need to guess the numbers of 6 drop-down balls as early as possible during the draw. In total, 35 balls out of 48 are selected. In addition, you can bet on color, totals and evenness.
  • Hyperbackgammon or, more simply, simplified backgammon. Players of the betting portal 1win can bet on which checkers will win, black or white. And also what kind of dice the host will throw.
  • Wilbet is a simple Live-game that combines the wheel of fortune and American roulette. That is, the roulette field is depicted on the wheel, and the players make the appropriate bets while the wheel is spinning.
  • Poker is a classic Texas Hold’em variant with 6 virtual players. Players on the 1win site can place bets on the player they think will win.
  • Battle - a competition between the player and the dealer, who will have a larger card. The player can bet on the player, dealer, draw. As well as the suit, color, exact value, and even whether there will be a curly card or not.
  • Joker - you need to guess what the next card will be or when the joker will fall out. You can bet on the suit, color of the card, as well as digital values.
  • 5Bet or 5 balls - a lottery where 5 balls are randomly selected from 36 balls. The task is to guess which balls will fall out. Moreover, the more balls you bet on, the higher your chances. The second live game 7Bet works on the same principle. Only there 42 balls participate in the draw.
  • Keno - Live lottery, only larger. 80 balls participate in the drawing, and only 20 are randomly selected.

All Live games are certified, which means that the game mechanics are reliable and every 1win visitor has every chance to win real money.

Live casino 1win - the best games with a real dealer

On the 1vin website you will find the largest selection of exciting live games for money. Here you will find both cult classics and a bunch of new and exclusive games from 1win. The “Live casino” section contains more than two hundred live-games in which you can play for money and compete with many other users. Visit the live 1win casino site and test your skills in the best gambling games for money!


Live casino is an online casino game mode that is very different from fast money gambling. The main advantage of a live casino is that it allows the player to experience the unique atmosphere of a real gambling house. As you probably understood, for this you do not even need to leave your home.
It all starts with choosing a suitable game, of which there are more than 150 on the 1win website. Then you click on the game you like in the live casino and enter the gaming hall. There you will be greeted by a real dealer who will explain the rules of the game and keep the conversation going if you get bored. It is important to know that you cannot play for free at live casinos - only real money and only real winnings.
There are a lot of interesting games in live 1win casino, so it will be difficult to select one. If we compare the activity in all games, we will get several candidates for the place of the most popular live casino game. Roulette has always been very popular in Ukraine, so there are no questions about it. The same can be said about blackjack, but the popularity of online baccarat can be a revelation for someone.
The rules of the live roulette game are no different from the classic one. Players place their bets at the time allotted to them, after which the croupier spins the roulette wheel and spins a ball into it. After the wheel has stopped completely, the dealer announces the winning sector and says which participant won. This continues until the player decides to leave the 1win live casino gaming room.