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Who does not know the game Plinko – Everyone knows Plinko! And if you are still unfamiliar with this exciting game, then it’s time to fix it. After all, the Plinko game is so simple and exciting that for several decades it has attracted players of all ages, from all over the world. Moreover, you can win 555 times more than you invest in this game.

The developers of online gambling games could not ignore the game that has been played for several centuries. We are not mistaken, this is true. The first versions of this game were known in the middle of the sixteenth century. At that time, Plinco was a popular entertainment at various carnivals and was always in high demand among people. Later, in the 19th century, the game gained new life and wide popularity after it was shown in one of the popular American television shows.

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What is Plinko gambling in an online casino?

The modern version of the plinko casino online game presented in 1win online casino is not much different from its predecessor.

This is also a vertical rectangular field, with obstacles arranged in the shape of a triangle. Sticks or tubes located close to each other in several rows act as obstacles.

The widest row is located at the bottom, further as you rise, the rows become narrower, thus forming a triangle with the base at the bottom and the top at the top.

At the very bottom, under the obstacles, in the Plinko online game, there are three rows of cells of different colors and different yields.

At the top is an open space through which the ball is thrown.

The essence of Plinko’s game

The essence of the plinko game is that the ball, falling from top to bottom, bumps into obstacles and bounces off them, changing the trajectory of its movement. Thus, after passing through all the obstacles, the ball can fall anywhere, at the bottom of the triangle. That is, to get into any cell.

Depending on which cell the ball falls into, the profit the player will receive will depend. In the online version of the Plinko game on the BC 1win website, a player, playing for $100, can win a maximum of $55,500 or lose his bet completely.

The principle of calculating winnings in the Plinko game

In each row of the Plinko slot online game, the cells have the lowest percentage of profit in the middle and the highest in the outermost cells. The profit factor increases as the cells move away from the center. Each row has its own characteristics:

  • Green row – contains cells with the lowest profit ratio, but at the same time absolutely all cells are profitable. That is, if you choose this row for the game, then wherever the ball hits, the player can still win. The amount won may be less than the amount of the bet, but it is still a profit.
  • Orange row – these are cells with an average profit ratio and a zero cell in the middle.
  • Red row – cells with the highest profit margins at the edges and the lowest profit margins in cells that are closer to the middle. In the center cell, the profit is 0.

1win plinko game
In addition, in the casino plinko game presented at 1win BC, you can change the number of cells at the base of the triangle. The developer added the ability to set 12, 14 or 16 cells. The more cells, the higher the profit ratio in them. Since there is less chance that the ball will hit the cells that are located further from the center.

How to play online game Plinko on 1win website?

What could be easier than throwing a ball from above onto a triangle? That’s right, press the button in the casino plinko. After that, the ball itself will fall from above and begin to descend, bumping into obstacles. Accordingly, everything that is required from the player – it’s just to click on one of the three buttons:

  • Green;
  • Orange;
  • Red.

Each button corresponds to a row of cells of the same color. That is, if you want to win a little bit at plinko casino, click on the green button. After that, when the ball finishes its fall, your profit will be calculated according to the coefficients in this row. If you are willing to take the risk and lose the bet for the sake of the opportunity to win more, then click on the red button.

By the way, all the buttons in the Plinco game, in addition to having a certain color, additionally have the corresponding name. This is done specifically so that people who suffer from color blindness can play plinko.

What is auto mode in Plinko online?

In order not to press the button every time in the plinko casino, the developer added the ability to launch Plinco in auto mode to the game. In this mode, the game will restart on its own every time. It is worth noting that the game presented on the 1win official website has very advanced auto mode settings. The player can set several parameters at once that regulate autoplay:

  1. Select the row for which profit is calculated.
  2. Stop autoplay after 3, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 games
  3. Turn off autoplay mode if the main account balance has decreased by any amount you specified.
  4. Stop playing if your winnings are greater than any amount you specify.

Moreover, active money management is available in Plinco’s auto game mode. The player can specify to increase or decrease the amount of the bet depending on whether he won or lost in the previous round.

1win plinko online

What other options are there in the online game?

In addition to the fact that the developer has added to the simplest Plinko game the ability to adjust its difficulty and run it in auto mode, all visitors to the 1win website can play in plinko demo mode.

This means that if you want to try this game risk-free first without investing your own money, then you can simply turn on Plinko and play for free with virtual money!

All you need to do is just play plinko. Virtual money will be automatically credited to your account. After that, you can fully try out all the functions of the game. The results of the game in demo mode are completely identical to the results of the game for real money. Since the same random number generator works in both cases.

How to download plinko 3d to your phone?

You can also play Plinco on your phone. To do this, you need to either go to the 1win website and open the game directly on the website. Or download plinko 3d to your phone. To do this, you also need to go to the 1win website via your phone and find the bookmaker’s app icon for Android or iOS.

By clicking on the icon, you can download plinko 3d to your phone and play this wonderful game in 1win app .


The version of the Plinko game provided on the 1win online casino site is fully optimized for playing by phone. All you need is to go to the 1win website from your phone and turn on the game. After opening, it will immediately automatically adjust to the screen size of your phone.
If you went to the 1win website, opened the Plinko game, but it does not load, check your Internet connection. You may have a very weak Internet connection at the moment, so the game cannot start. Also try to open other online games on 1win. If they run and Plinko still doesn’t load, try clearing the cache on your mobile browser and also check if you have a VPN enabled.
Yes, Plinko has a demo mode for this. When you turn on the game, you will immediately automatically receive virtual money, using which you can place bets. That is, in fact, you will play for free. But in order to win, you need to play for real money.
The good thing about Plinko is that in addition to its simplicity, it gives players the opportunity to win 555 times more than you invested. If you bet as little as $10 and the ball lands on the far right or left of the red row, you are guaranteed $5,500!

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