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Since 2017, 1win Betting Company provides players with a wide range of services in the field of betting and gambling. Our sports betting section attracts bettors due to the presence of live broadcasts, a large selection of line and live bets, as well as detailed statistics for each match. BC 1 win offers bets on 15+ sports, experienced bettors always make a minimal analysis of the upcoming match before placing a bet. What helps them in this? Statistics in any format: goals, exact half-time scores, top scorers, team positions in the table and much more.

1win bookmaker offers a whole section of statistics, which has everything for sports betting. Today in the review we will tell you in detail what 1win statistics are, how to find them and how to use them for different sports.

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BC 1win: why do you need statistics?

Thousands of sports matches in various sports disciplines take place every hour in the world, most of them in popular sports are broadcast on local and international television. For fans of sports betting, the list of sports for viewing and analytics looks like this:

  • football;
  • hockey;
  • basketball;
  • big and table tennis;
  • volleyball;
  • boxing, MMA.

For other sports, the volume of bets is much smaller, as well as the availability of broadcasts.

What are statistics for?

It helps bettors to study the events of past matches and make bets based on them. If the Internet has detailed statistics of the tournament, each match and the players, it is much easier to find patterns, study the current table and understand how this or that match can turn out. The probability of a successful forecast with analytics, according to statistics, may be small, but it is increasing. This is better than betting blindly on an unknown championship with a minimum of data. Statistics are kept for all types of sports in an official format, and they are made publicly available by specialized organizations. Our 1 vin analytical team is doing a lot of work to collect up-to-date information so that the client of BC 1win could view the statistics of the past official matches.

The 1win website offers detailed statistics for many championships since their inception. For some tournaments, 1win keeps statistics from the 1960s and earlier! An important advantage of the “Statistics” section for 1 win: you do not need to register to view it, the information is available to all sports fans on the site, in the 1win mobile application and the browser version!

1win statistics

What can be found in the Statistics section on the 1vin website?

  • tournament tables of leagues and championships over the past few decades;
  • player ratings in individual sports such as tennis, golf, boxing;
  • individual statistics of athletes in team sports;
  • list of the last matches in the championship, schedule and calendar;
  • lists of judges, head coaches of teams, stadiums;
  • archive data on past tournaments, playoff grids and winners;
  • basic data about past matches: score, penalties, stadium, time.

In the statistical section, you can search for teams, players and coaches. Visitors can quickly find the right football player, find out his personal data, find a club and a championship based on him. Statistics are especially helpful in football, basketball and hockey with tennis, where matches are played almost every day. In major sports, the 1 win betting company provides the most detailed statistics even for secondary tournaments: lower leagues in England, Spain, Italy, and Russia.

Sports disciplines

The list of sports disciplines that are in the bookmaker’s statistics 1 wine:

  • football;
  • tennis;
  • hockey;
  • basketball;
  • handball;
  • volleyball;
  • baseball;
  • badminton;
  • cycling;
  • water polo;
  • curling;
  • American football;
  • Australian football;
  • darts;
  • winter sports;
  • races;
  • Formula-1;
  • rallies;
  • beach soccer;
  • speedway;
  • squash;
  • snooker;
  • ball hockey;
  • field hockey.

Menu of the "Statistics" section

This is how the transition to the statistics of the Russian Premier League of the new season 22/23 looks like.

After clicking, the standings at the time of the user’s visit will be opened. Detailed statistics are located under the table:

  • number of matches played for the championship;
  • average number of goals per match;
  • lists of the best offense and the best defense;
  • list of recent and future matches;
  • statistics of all teams by goals and cards;
  • statistics of players and top scorers;
  • advanced statistics for halves, home and away matches.

From the basic statistics, all clients of BC 1vin can switch to both a team from the league and to each player, if he is on the list of the roughest or the top scorers. For football, we have the most detailed statistics, updated and collected after each round.

We are trying to bring the statistics section to the ideal, so that it is convenient for all customers to find the right championship and view detailed data for analysis. At the top of the section there is an interesting menu that simplifies site navigation. What do each page mean?

  • the Overview page displays the current standings with detailed team statistics at the bottom (as in the Russian Premier League example);
  • The live page displays the statistics of meetings between two teams of the same championship, shows the last matches, goal scorers and final results;
  • The Calendar page helps bettors to quickly find the current schedule of the championship by rounds, teams, all European championships will start soon, this page of the 1win website will be very relevant;
  • The table opens an extended table with the statistics of the teams of the selected championship on the road, for each of the halves;
  • The Teams page presents a list of league teams with the possibility of switching to the personal profile of each club: coach, stadium, team, achievements;
  • The archive section helps to track all the winners and champions of the league since its official start, for the Russian Premier League, an archive is available from 2003 to the present;
  • The Judges page opens a full list of referees officially admitted to officiating matches of the selected championship;
  • in the Stadiums section, a list of all home stadiums of major league teams is provided, with capacity, location and calendar of upcoming matches at the selected stadium.

The upper menu helps to quickly go to the desired section in the statistics, we continue to improve the interface!

1win statistics

Where can I find statistics in BC 1win?

If the 1 win mirror is used, then you need to go to the main menu from above by clicking the “More” button. After clicking, a list of additional pages will open, including “Statistics”.

Next, the user gets to the list of all available sports, this is the main menu of the section. On the right, you can search and select a language: Russian, German, French, Danish, Polish, Greek, Portuguese and 15 more languages. Search can be activated in the left menu. To switch to the desired sport, just click on it, select the desired country, tournament.

In the 1 win mobile application, you can find the “Statistics” section in the main menu on the main page, to the right of the “Live casino" section. We have made the interface of the section fully adaptive, it will be much easier to search for matches, players and teams from your phone. In the mobile version of any browser, the section with statistics is located in the same place as in the mobile application.

Are there data about the players in the statistics?

Of course, in the statistics on our website, we have detailed information about football players and tennis players. Of course, it is practically impossible to collect the most detailed information on each player for all seasons, this is done by large analytical departments within the tournaments, our analytical department provides key information about all players of the higher and lower football leagues, in total there is data on more than 15,000 football players and 200+ tennis players

What information is present in the football player’s profile?

  • surname, first name, date of birth;
  • current role (main and additional);
  • team and current head coach;
  • height, weight, beating leg;
  • goals scored, assists, yellow and red cards in the current season;
  • statistics of the player’s performance at all tournaments in the calendar year and earlier;

In the list of matches in which the football player participated, the number of matches in the starting line-up, substitutions, number of minutes spent and goals are noted. The top menu shows the last major tournaments of the selected football player.

From the list of matches, the client of our bookmaker office can go to any of the conducted matches. Matches when transferring to a player are reflected minimally, the starting lineups, goal scorers, substitutions, yellow and red cards, as well as time, date of the match, weather and referee are indicated.

What information is presented for a tennis player?

  • surname, first name, date of birth;
  • highest rating in singles;
  • highest rating in doubles;
  • gender, height, weight, working hand;
  • hour, when the player started playing professionally on the tour;
  • percentage of matches won;
  • detailed statistics of performances in both singles and doubles.

The match statistics are clickable, but it is not yet possible to access them from the tennis player’s profile. More detailed information about the tennis match will open in a new window:

  • number of aces;
  • number of double errors;
  • won break points;
  • won points;
  • maximum number of points won in a row;
  • number of games won;
  • maximum number of games won in a row;
  • number of points per serve;
  • number of points per reception;
  • games to serve;
  • percentage of winning on the first serve
  • win percentage on second serve
  • first serve hit percentage
  • percentage of hitting the second pitch.
    This information is enough for a minimal analysis of a tennis match and an understanding of how the match was played, if it was not possible to see the broadcast on the 1vin website.


In pre-match or live 1win, you can bet real money after registration. To find team statistics, you need to go to long-term bets or the match itself by clicking on the graph icon. Statistics will open in a new window specifically for the selected tournament — statistics are available only after registration!
To study detailed match statistics via phone, it’s easier to download the 1win mobile app for iOS and Android. Our mobile software works perfectly on all platforms, the statistics section is adapted to the size of the smartphone, the navigation is the same as on the site 1 wine.
Win money in the casino faster than with sports bets, however, we strive to protect the personal information of gamblers, so we do not provide any statistics on slots and online games. In principle, no one provides it, it is technically impossible to collect statistics, this is virtual entertainment!
To do this, search works in the main menu of the section, if it’s about football, to search for a player online, it’s enough to enter his name or surname in Latin letters - a list of all players in different sports will open. It’s about the last name on the site 1 vin represents his sport, club and nationality, it will be difficult to make a mistake.