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The gambling industry does not stand still and moves with kilometer steps. For many years now, novelties have appeared on the gambling market, thanks to which entire genres of games are formed. 1win official website constantly monitors market trends, regularly replenishing its gaming range with interesting new products. One has only to look at the total amount of entertainment to understand that new games for money are released very often on the 1win website. The range of entertainment already has more than 9,000 varieties, and this is far from the limit!

Click on the button “Registration 1win” in the upper right corner of this page and go to the 1vin casino. The most interesting and latest novelties of the gambling industry are waiting for you there! Here we will briefly talk about which genres are currently the most popular and which new games for money are the most popular.

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The most popular novelties of online casino 1win

First of all, let’s figure out what genres of games are trending right now. If you think that gambling novelties are exclusively online slot machines, then you are greatly mistaken. We bring to your attention the three most popular categories of new casino games 1win.

  • Board games

Many people think that table gambling is pretty monotonous. This is not at all the case, because in addition to classic entertainment, such as roulette, there are many interesting novelties. The most popular of them are themed board games and board games of the “strategy” genre.

Gradually gaining popularity and a new Indian game called Andar Bahar. The main principle of the game is that while the croupier deals cards to all players, the gamer must guess in which of the Andar or Bahar fields the Joker card or equal in importance will be placed. Interest in this game is due to the fact that players can count on a high profit ratio depending on the complexity of making a forecast.

The Hot Seven game is also in demand. The main task of each player is to guess for 7 rounds what the next card will be: black or red. The rules of the game are quite simple and transparent, and even a beginner can win it. Immediately after the first bet is played, the money earned can be withdrawn and the game can be restarted. And for those lucky ones who managed to guess 4 or 7 cards in a row, the administration of 1win online casino has prepared a pleasant surprise.

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  • Virtual sports

This is a sports simulator in which users bet on virtual sports matches. 1 win Casino already has over 100 virtual leagues, many of which even have live streaming. The main advantage of virtual sports over traditional ones is the speed of the event: from 1 to 3 minutes.

One of the most popular destinations in this category is football. In this group you can find not only fictional matches, but also real ones, which are divided into leagues such as Serie A, Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, etc.

  • Lotteries online

Now there is a sharp jump in the popularity of fast 1vin online lotteries. Their essence is that they completely or partially repeat the rules of traditional lotteries, but their draw is much faster. Now you don’t have to wait for weeks to draw a particular lottery - the result is known within a few seconds!

Recently, the Lucky Seven lottery has appeared on the website of the 1-win bookmaker. This draw is famous for its high odds. Players can win a prize that is up to 2,000 times the amount of their bet. The principle of operation is the same as in the classic lottery. That is, out of 42 balls, the croupier chooses 7 random ones. And the gamer at the same time can bet on a variety of combinations that fall as a result.

These are perhaps the most popular novelties in the gambling industry among novice players. Note that also according to statistics, new players also like to play 1win poker online for money. This is due to the fact that serious gangsters sit on professional poker sites - players with experience who are just waiting for a beginner to rob him to the skin. And if you are just learning the wisdom of big poker, you have nothing to do on such resources.

Well, another novelty of the online casino is the risk game with the original name “Aviator”. This product was developed by Spribe. To start the game, you will have to make a few bets and wait for the plane to rise up. The main task is to have time to withdraw the bet with the highest odds. Only in this way you can increase your capital several times over. If you do not have time with the withdrawal, it is considered that the casino has won.

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Why should I play new games for money?

Unfortunately, not all players realize the beauty of new games for money at 1win casino. Some still play the slot machines they have known for a long time and do not even look towards new products. Of course, everyone is free to choose those gambling games that he likes. However, new types of entertainment have many advantages, the most significant of which are:

  • Modern design - almost always new 1win casino games have the most modern graphics, which to a greater extent affects the feeling of the game;
  • new vision - most of the new products on the 1win casino website combine mechanisms proven over the years and innovation in ideological terms;
  • industry trends — when playing new games for money, you automatically follow what is currently popular in the gambling industry.

TOP 10 new gambling games in online casino 1vin:

  1. Squidpot
  2. Mission: Hot Diamonds
  3. Wildfire Fruits
  4. Lucky Jet
  5. King Koko Quest
  6. Lucky O’Mega
  7. Lucky Punch
  8. Jungle Book
  9. Pirates Smugglers Paradise
  10. Vampire Senpai

1win online casino games

The main advantages of new games at 1win casino:

  1. Modern and stylish design. All new online games have original and high-quality graphics, when creating which developers use three-dimensional elements and various special effects. Thus, the player is completely immersed in the gameplay and nothing distracts him.
  2. The storyline corresponds to the selected genre of the game. All novelties of slots and other emulators are based on stories that are of great interest to players today. At the same time, the developers take into account the directions of pop culture that are relevant today. The main topics in the creation of such games are computer games, films and other popular trends.
  3. Gameplay variety. Classic slots with three reels are a thing of the past. Now providers are trying to surprise their customers with novelties among slot machines, so they use unique mechanics, various special symbols, non-standard functionality and additional options for this, which every time arouse increased interest among gamers.

Also, one of the most important advantages of new developments is the opportunity to get a significant win while spending your free time pleasantly. This is due to the fact that modern online games are equipped with special bonus offers, a risk game, additional prize rounds, and tournaments that increase the chances of winning. It is with these “gadgets” the gameplay becomes more interesting and exciting.


All new gambling games for money are in a separate category “New”. To find it, go to the official 1win casino website and open the “Casino” tab. There you will find many different categories, including “New”, which contains all the best news in the gambling industry.
New games for money at 1win online casino appear every week. As a rule, the number of new games varies from 5 to 20, but this number can be more. It is worth noting that new online games do not appear in 1win casino online just for the sake of a “tick”. If new games for money appear, then these are high-quality and licensed gambling entertainments.
It is quite difficult to mark a few gambling games, because there are quite a lot of them, and new ones appear quite often. However, it is possible to single out the most popular categories of new online games, which are the most popular. These include slot machines, online lotteries and a virtual variety. We also note the “Other” category, in which new games of various genres regularly appear.
Most of the new online gambling games have a demo mode where users can test them. In order to play at 1win casino for free, you need to select any game and click on the “Demo” button. Immediately after that, an online game will open, in which the score will be kept in the so-called candy wrappers. You can start playing for real money at any time!