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If not all, then at least the majority of players who come to the 1win official website would like to play for their favorite football team at least once. And not just to play, but to break through the opponent’s goal from the heart.

This opportunity was provided by Evoplay Entertainment to all customers of 1win casino in their new Penalty Shoot Out slot. Moreover, since this is a game of chance, for each goal scored, players also receive money in addition. But be careful, because if you do not score, you will lose your hard-earned money. This is the whole point of the new Penalty Shoot Out slot.

1win casino bonus review

Penalty Shoot Out for Money: General Information

The game itself is very active and belongs to the category of online slot machines with instant win like Aviator 1win or Plinko rather than usual slots. But at the same time, Penalty Shoot Out for money is more entertaining and has an excellent potential RTP return of 96%.

And given the fair algorithm of the game, which allows you to check the fairness of each round even before the start of the game, visitors to the 1win website can be sure that everyone can win here.

Characteristics of the slot machine Penalty Shoot Out 1vin

The online slot is an arcade-type slot machine that was launched on May 27, 2020. It has a football theme and supports play on a variety of devices including computers, mobile phones and tablets. However, the first thing that affects a player’s potential winnings is the parameters that the game has. Therefore, many people are interested in, if you play Penalty shoot out for money, what is the chance of winning? We propose to look into this right now.

What characteristics does the game have:

  • Well-known and reliable provider;
  • RTP – 96-97%;
  • Average volatility;
  • Simple and convenient interface;
  • Minimum bet – 0.1;
  • Maximum bet – 100;
  • There is a demo mode;
  • Maximum multiplier size – x30.72;
  • Possibility to choose a team from 27 countries.

Thus, you can play Penalty shoot out for money and win a good reward. The provider has endowed the game with characteristics that allow you to win real money.

Penalty Shoot Out cash game

After turning on the game in 1win casino, a football field with goals appears in front of the player, inside of which there is an online goalkeeper dressed in the uniform of the national team of one of 24 countries. At the same time, the player himself is, as it were, in front of the goal, at a distance of 11 meters. In other words, at the penalty mark, from where they punch a penalty.

1win Penalty Shoot Out

According to the rules of the Penalty Shoot Out casino slot, the following options are available to the player:

  1. Play as one of 24 countries
  2. The game consists of 1 round where the player can make a maximum of 5 hits.
  3. You can shoot at one of the 5 points inside the goal - at the four corners and in the center, above the goalkeeper. Before each hit, the player independently determines the point at which he will hit.
  4. There is the possibility of an accidental strike. That is, by pressing the appropriate button, the system will independently choose which point to hit.
  5. If the player does not score, he loses money and a new round of play begins.
  6. If a player scores, for example, 3 goals, and misses on the fourth, then he loses all the money won for the first three goals scored. In this case, the game starts anew with a minimum coefficient.

As you can see, nothing complicated. All you need to win real money is to choose the right point of impact.

Payouts in the slot machine

Before starting the Penalty Shoot Out game for money, the player can bet from 10 cents up to 500 dollars. How much he will receive as a win will depend solely on how many goals he scores in a row. According to the table, a 1-win player can count on the following payouts within a single round:

  • x1.92 for 1 goal scored. Accordingly, if you bet, for example, $100, you will get back your bet plus $92 on top.
  • х3.84 - for 2 goals scored in a row.
  • х7.68 - for 3 goals scored.
  • x15.36 - for 4 goals scored.
  • х30.72 for 5 goals in a row.

1win Penalty Shoot Out

If you score 5 goals in a row, you will receive 30 times more than you bet. For example, if the bet was the same $100, then after 5 goals scored, the total payout will be $3,000.

After 5 goals scored, new game for money Penalty Shoot out. Because of this, even the sixth goal scored in a row will already be considered as the first goal in a new round with a payout ratio of x1.92.

Bonus game in the Penalty Shoot Out slot machine

When playing Penalty Shoot Out for money, you need to understand that there is no bonus game. Also, this slot machine does not provide special symbols such as scatters or wild symbols. No free spins offered. This makes the gameplay of the game quite simple and straightforward, which is ideal for beginners. The main focus of the game is on the process of choosing a penalty to win the highest odds.

Despite this, when playing Penalty Shoot Out for money, you can take advantage of casino bonuses. Our online casino regularly runs promotions that offer rewards to players. For example, for a deposit or participation in tournaments.
1win Penalty Shoot Out bonus

Working strategies for playing Penalty Shoot Out

Scoring a penalty in this slot machine is not so easy. Therefore, many players are interested in whether there is a strategy for Penalty Shoot Out? In fact, there is, and more than one. Therefore, we propose to understand them in more detail.

What strategies does the online game have:

  • «Strikes at one point» – a strategy that involves starting with a minimum bet and choosing one point to hit. If the goalkeeper saves the ball, the same goal is maintained, but the bet is doubled. With each attempt, the chance of scoring a goal increases, and the increased bet will help cover costs and gain profit.
  • «Square». In Penalty Shoot Out, strategy is popular. The player is advised to start by hitting the bottom left corner, then move to the top, top right and finish with the bottom right corner. This sequence creates a square-shaped trajectory for the shots, increasing the chances of success in a continuous session.
  • «3 misses» is a tactic that involves starting with minimum bets on the first three goals, which must be saved by the goalkeeper. This is followed by an increase in the bet on the fourth attempt. This increases the chance of scoring a goal and compensates for previous expenses if the outcome is successful.

And given the fair gaming algorithm, which allows you to check the fairness of each round even before the game starts, visitors to the 1win site can be sure that everyone can win here.


Each visitor to the 1win site can try to apply various strategies to the game in order to win money. For example, the Martingale strategy or the advanced Martingale. And also any other. But by and large, since the RNG in Penalty Shoot Out always gives a random result, strategies are of little use here.
Of course, there is such a possibility. The Penalty Shoot Out game is made taking into account all modern requirements, therefore it is fully compatible with any mobile devices. In addition, the 1win site also has a mobile version, so you can play this and other slots on our site directly from your phone.
Yes, the developer provides 1win players with such an opportunity. To do this, the game Penalty Shoot Out provides a demo version. By opening the game in demo mode, you can place bets with virtual money, while the game will be played in exactly the same way as if you bet real money.
At the 1win online casino, the Penalty Shoot Out game automatically opens in trial mode. To play with your own funds, you need to switch to the real game mode using a special switch. After that, all bets will be made at the expense of funds from the main balance of the player.
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