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1win video poker - strategie, basics


If among all the abundance of games to choose the most popular category, then perhaps it will be video poker. 1win casino cares about the quality of the guests’ pastime. Therefore, in the game collection there is a large assortment of offers. You can find both classic variants and more modernised slots. However, different variations of video poker still occupy a special place on the platform, and are in demand among visitors to the resource.

Official site 1win provides guests with the best conditions. For video poker created a separate category on the main, which allows you to quickly orientate and choose a video poker slot from dozens of proposed options. Video poker from the world’s leading providers is available on the site. For this reason, every player will be able to find something to his liking and become a real pro!

Advantages and disadvantages

Pluses Minuses
✔️ Demo Mode ❌ No Strategies
✔️ Video poker range ❌ Need to know lots of combinations
✔️ Simple Rules

1win poker video

Differences between classic and video poker at 1win

There are many variations of standard poker in the world. But predominantly all the terms converge on one point. The player must collect the entire pot from their opponents, or leave the game with the most points (chips). The winner is the one who managed to do it first. On average, the whole process takes 10 minutes.

However, video poker is somewhat different from the classic game. Its main difference is that the gambler does not have an opponent opposite. Instead, the algorithm of the online game, which the participant can influence independently. In other words, the winnings and its size depend on the choice of the player. It also allows you to learn the rules without financial loss, which for many will be an advantage.

In addition, a random number generator functions online. Influence what will fall out in the layout of the card, you can not in any way. But it is possible to replace it to create a more favourable combination.

Poker video game 1win

Rules for playing video poker online

Before we get started, we suggest understanding the basic terms of online poker. The site offers a demo mode for everyone, which will be in the hands of beginners. The rules themselves are different, depending on the particular slot.

The rules of poker video averaged they look like this:

  • Before the participant is the task to draw such cards that will help to take the biggest winnings. To do this, you first need to decide on the size of the desired bet. To begin with, it is recommended to make the minimum to test the game with the lowest risks. However, please note that the maximum and minimum bet can vary greatly, depending on the slot. Important condition: the higher the bet, the higher the amount of winnings.
  • After that the client is given 5 random cards out of 52. In different variations of the game in the deck may be one or more jokers. If the combination is suitable, it can be used. In cases where it is not possible to make a combination, it is suggested to make a replacement of several cards. In some slots, substitution can be done several times in a row.
  • In video poker, the winning card combinations are the same as in classic poker. Therefore, it is easy for most players to switch to the online mode.
  • This is followed by a summarisation and the player is awarded the winnings. Sometimes there are bonus rounds that allow you to double your earnings.

It is thanks to such simple and clear conditions, poker and became one of the most famous games in the world. After which it began to achieve even greater popularity by migrating to online platforms.

Video poker on the 1win app

The gambling club has created such conditions so that gamblers can play their favourite slots from anywhere in the world. And therefore offers both the official mobile version of the site, and 1win app. Having installed it on his smartphone, a member of the community can play and bet at any convenient time. In fact, this is a mobile casino, in which everything is adapted to the diagonal of the smartphone. However, the application has all the necessary functionality that is available in the full version of the site.

Thanks to this, the client can play video poker on his device. The application can be installed on IOS, Windows and Android operating systems. All the necessary functions, as well as buttons and images, are optimised so as not to burden the mobile device. Also, in addition to the gameplay, customers are offered to withdraw earnings to their account through the application. It is possible to do this through any suitable payment system.

How to play video poker on your phone

Strategies for playing video poker

One of the main differences from classic poker is the inability to read human emotions, as the gameplay is done with the software. Because of this, the very essence of the strategy itself changes. It is no longer necessary to take into account the human factor in order to win. The whole emphasis is on the rational management of your bankroll, as well as learning the rules of the game. In fact, there are no other strategies in online poker, but there are recommendations for beginners.

Video poker strategy:

  • You should start learning the rules with small bets. Also, you should not bet higher than you have the ability to.
  • If a participant is just starting to play video poker, a cheat sheet will make it easier to familiarise yourself with the rules. You just need to write down or print out the winning combinations of cards, and then just keep them in front of your eyes. In this way, they will gradually be memorised and will come to mind automatically.
  • When you have the opportunity to make several winning combinations, you should favour the strongest one. This increases the chance of winning. In addition, increases the amount of winnings.
  • Those wishing to hit the jackpot sooner or later will need to make a large bet. But it is better not to do this until you learn all the rules and combinations thoroughly.

The casino site presents the most popular video poker slot machines from leading providers, namely Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better and others. Each player will be able to find exactly the one that will meet his individual preferences.


First of all, in online poker there are no other participants. On the 1vin site, the guest plays with an algorithm programme and the cards are drawn using a random number generator. Due to this, online poker games online are completely fair. The course of events and winnings are influenced only by the participant himself. It is impossible to influence the course of the game from the outside in any way.
Yes, but with a restriction. You can learn the rules and try your hand at online poker even without registration. But then the user will not be able to bet and earn real cash. Portal 1win bk offers a demo mode for all visitors to the resource. One wishing to make a profit will still need to make a deposit and bet for money.
Video poker differs from live play in that there is no way to read your opponent’s emotions. In card games, a large part of the strategy falls on detecting the human factor. Therefore, the official 1vin site does not have any strategies that are suitable for online poker. However, this is what makes the real money game fair.
Yes, the online casino offers a handy app for download. It is suitable for Android, Windows and IOS devices. The 1vin app has all the necessary functionality that the full version of the site has. It also covers video poker.