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This type of betting is probably familiar to experienced bettors, and if not, then we will fix it now. What is a tote will be clear even to a beginner 1win bookmaker. Let’s start with the fact that you can win real money in toto, and not any additional credits or bonus rubles.

Tote is a special kind of real money betting, which is somewhat different from the classic ordinary bet. An interesting feature of toto, as sports betting is also called, is the presence of a Jackpot, which is divided among betters in accordance with the percentage of correct outcomes of sports matches. The largest shares of such a pie, of course, go to the winners.

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What is a tote

Initially, a tote was a special counter at the hippodrome, which showed how much you bet on a particular horse at the races. Then the bookmaker who offered to place a bet began to be called a sports totalizator.

Online sweepstakes assumes that you bet a certain amount on several events at once. Events can be chosen by the better himself, or he can choose a ready-made list of events offered by the 1 vin bookmaker itself. Usually no more than 15 events are selected.

The jackpot is distributed to bettors at a certain percentage, depending on how many correct outcomes were predicted:

  • Small winning percentage. This percentage is given to the better, who guessed a small number of outcomes. In some types of sweepstakes, these are 2 correct outcomes of 8 declared ones.
  • High winning percentage. This piece of the pie will go to either the real lucky ones, or betters with an attentive eye, who sensibly assess the statistics on the 1 wine site and correctly predict the outcome of at least 9 out of 15 announced matches.

Not every bookmaker is ready to offer such a variety of bets. 1vin can boast of such.

Main Differences: Online Sweepstakes and Single Betting

Online betting for money is in many ways similar to other 1win sports betting, however, it has a number of differences, which are represented by the following:

  • Toto has no odds.
    For ordinary ordinary bets, the coefficient is a mega important element, because in many respects the size of your winnings depends on them. Knowing the odds of the proposed event is important for classic betting.
    For such a bet as a sports betting is not based on coefficients, because its prize fund is collected from bets made by bettors on specific events. There are simply no coefficients in Toto, an important part of the calculation is the number of betters and the amount of their bets.
  • Jackpot available.
    In the totalizator, unlike other types of bets, there is a Jackpot, which is collected from the general pool of bettors for a specific list of matches. The winning amounts in a single bet can be calculated based on the odds, but you can’t do that.
  • Sweepstakes has fewer outcomes.
    In a classic bet, you can bet on absolutely any outcome, including the details of a particular match: how many goals team A will score in the 13th minute of a football match, whether a team B player will head the ball at least once, and everything that is enough for your fantasy. The question is: is this really going to happen or not?

In online betting, your choice is often limited to three outcomes: Team A win, Team B win, or draw. It is less often suggested to guess the exact score of the game, for example, 0:2 in favor of team B.

For many betters, such a system is a big plus, because you don’t always want to understand the lines, study statistics and odds.

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What are the similarities: express bet and sports betting

Toto is sometimes called Express bet plus, because in many ways they are really similar to express bet 1win, but toto has a larger range of different options. Let’s take a closer look:

  • You can participate in several events at once
    The totalizator, like the 1 win express bet, provides the opportunity to participate in several events at once: usually up to 15 events.
    In an express bet, you choose events yourself, while in toto you can choose an event yourself or a ready-made list from the bookmaker.
  • A few possible outcomes
    The similarity of these types of bets lies in the possibility of choosing the outcome. Usually there are 3: Team A wins, Team B wins, and a draw. Sometimes the totalizator has other options, but this largely depends on the type of toto.

Online sports betting: features

betting online for money at the bookmaker 1 win has a number of features, which are represented by the following features:

  • Unknown Jackpot Amount
    In advance, the amount of the Jackpot is unknown to anyone. The level of the Jackpot amount is not constant, because it is the sum of all the bets of betters on events. Winning bettors will know only after the start of the event itself.

  • Tote rules are changeable
    Each bookmaker can change the rules of the sweepstakes, making it suitable for their users. This is written in both the rules of 1 win and other bookmakers.
    This is a common practice, because each bookmaker has its own withdrawal, withdrawal, bonuses and promotions. To put it simply, sometimes the rules of the sweepstakes are tailored specifically to the offer of the casino, which would suit both online casino and bettors.

  • Opportunity to win real money
    With the experienced eye of a real old-timer 1 win, every match will be quite predictable. A detailed table with the statistics of the games of your favorite team will help you with this. Tote can be not just an interesting hobby, but also bring good money.

  • Events can be from different disciplines
    And again, the difference between toto and other bets: you can take part in events of various sports. Do you want to combine basketball and football? Please, because 1vin has such an opportunity. This option may be much more interesting for some bettors than the classic views.

  • There are different types of sweepstakes
    Toto has varieties that we suggest you consider next.

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What are the types of bets

As mentioned earlier, online betting 1 wine has many varieties, of which several main ones can be distinguished:

  • “1 by 2”
    This type of betting is considered common, it is most often found on the sites of bookmakers. This is a bet on mixed events, usually 10-15 events with a low number of possible outcomes: Team A wins, Team B wins or draws. The more you correctly guess the outcomes, the higher your winning percentage.
  • “Exact score”
    Tote “Correct score” means that you will guess the specific score of the match based on the result of the game. You are given a list of events prepared by the bookmaker, and you simply try to guess the outcome of the match. For example, team B beat team A 2-1.
    Usually there are no more than 10 events in this type of totalizator. To win, you must guess at least 2 outcomes.
  • Totalizator of one sport
    Looking for a football betting or a 1win hockey betting? You are at the right place! Such sweepstakes are usually available at large venues for popular sports.

Responsible gaming and online tote 1win

Please note that we strongly support the responsible approach to using the platform. Treat bookmaker content as a hobby, not as a permanent income. Before you bet money online, pay attention to the following:

  • Session time
    Determine in advance how much time you are ready and can spend on the 1win platform, waiting for the bet played. How much time are you willing to spend on slot machines, casino slots or bets in the “Live” section ” or “Lines” of the 1win website.
  • Specific amount
    Play only for personal money, with the obligatory calculation that you are ready to say goodbye to her. Remember that even your favorite sports team, which seems to be invincible, can make a number of mistakes, as well as the fact that online slots are programmed with a random number generator.

Most of the time, all you need is luck. Play responsibly!


Depending on the type of totalizator, the threshold for winning is different: somewhere it will be 2 correct outcomes out of 10, while in another it will be a little more. In any case, your winnings will be proportional to the number of correctly selected outcomes. We advise you to read the 1win Rules and study this issue carefully.
Yes. 1win bookmaker sets equal conditions for all bettors. A beginner can also successfully receive his reward. To do this, you need only a few components: luck and skill. With a trained eye, the official 1win website will help you, namely the statistics of specific teams. Based on these data, you can quite successfully predict the outcome.
Yes. Site 1 win supports any modern device, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet with Android or IOS system. The sweepstakes also works in the mobile application. Downloading the application is extremely useful, because it will give you 5,000 bonus rubles. Of course, it will not be possible to withdraw funds with them, but it is quite possible to spend on online slots.
Eat. Football is a very popular sport, so there is a football betting platform on the platform. In addition to football, you can turn your attention to other sports that you can get acquainted with in the Live and Line section. Pay attention to the fact that for eSports lovers there are also bets in the bookmaker’s office 1 win.