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Thimbles is a game based on the once popular gambling game of thimbles. Provider-studio Evoplay has transferred the once-simple street entertainment to monitor screens, adding gloss and sound effects to the familiar exterior.

RTP thimbles game is quite high and is 96%. The minimum bet is 0.1 credits in the currency of the 1win casino, the maximum is 500 credits.

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The arrival of Thimbles - a game of thimbles with new rules

Design studio Evoplay Entertainment has presented a seemingly classic game in a completely new way.

Thimbles site is an insta game where gamblers can test their attention and, of course, try their luck. In general, the game rules and tasks are as simple as possible.

The game screen shows three containers (glasses) that are upside down. Under any of the glasses, a precious ruby ​​can be randomly placed. After starting the game, the glasses begin to move and are shuffled in random order. After the draw, the ruby ​​can be under any of them. The player makes his bet and guesses under which of the glasses there can be a stone. If he guessed right and the bet played, the initial bet is increased by a factor of 2.88. Also, the player can use two balls at once in the Thimbles game - but then the coefficient to win will be half, i.e. 1.44.

Features of Thimbles how to win the old game online

Experience Evoplay Entertainment’s modern take on the classic game of thimbles by placing a minimum bet of 0.1 credits up to a maximum bet of 500 credits.

With an RTP of 96%, all you have to do is pick the right cup and you have a chance to win it all!

From the moment a player opens the Thimbles website, Evoplay is immersed in a world of immersive experiences with sharp graphics and realistic sound effects that bring back the good old days of street games.

Three upturned wooden thimbles lined up in a row are visible against a gravel background framed by glowing emeralds in the center of the screen. The clear goal is to find the rubies under any of these thimbles, which earn rewards per round.

Basic game mechanics in Thimbles

To start playing thimbles melbet, you need to enter the amount you want to bet in the bet field. There are two game modes to choose from, each with their own multipliers. You can shuffle one ball and get x2.88 for each win, or choose two balls and get x1.44.

Once a bet is placed in the thimbles cash game, the game automatically shuffles three thimbles. Here you need to turn on mindfulness when the thimbles are swapped, or just rely on luck to choose the right thimbles.

When choosing a thimble with a ruby ​​underneath, the reward will be multiplied by the selected multiplier, and the winnings can be immediately withdrawn to the main account of the thimbles game. On the other hand, if the player makes a mistake and chooses a thimble without a ruby, the round is considered lost, but you can always try again.

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Play thimbles for free at 1win casino

You can play Thimbles game for free from Evoplay even without registration. Then the demo version is open to you. This way you can test your luck and develop a betting strategy without spending a dime.

With the Fun Mode option, you can also try everything Thimbles has to offer to your heart’s content.

In order to take risks and win real money, you will need to go through the registration procedure on the thimbles site. This can be done in just a few minutes by filling out a file with questions or by logging in with one of your social media accounts.

The Thimbles game allows you to immerse yourself in the backyard atmosphere of excitement without leaving your home and get the maximum winnings of 288 euros in the equivalent of the casino currency.


Thimbles melbet has a completely different game mechanic - different from the usual one-armed bandit. There are no winning symbols, reels, wild symbols, free spins and respins. On the field, the player is presented with only three containers (thimble or glasses) under one of which, after shuffling, a ruby can hide. The only similarity with a slot machine, perhaps, can be drawn to the fact that the machine also has bets that can play or not.
You can play Thimbles for free and without registration on the website of any online casino in demo mode. Under such conditions of the game, the gambler receives conditional credits that can be used as bets. Virtual winnings are credited according to the same rules if you played with real money. The only thing is that it is of course impossible to withdraw such a profit.
There are two betting modes that can be used in Thimbles game. The amount of winnings also depends on this. The minimum bet is 0.1 credits, the maximum is 500 credits. If the player selects the single ball mode with a winning bet, i.e. if it is guessed under which of the thimbles the ball is located, the player will receive a win in the amount of the bet multiplied by a coefficient of 2.88. If the player chooses the game mode with two balls, the coefficient decreases to 1.44. The maximum win cannot exceed 288 euros in casino currency.
Of course yes. The operator Evoplay has adapted its development to any screen and operating system. So you can download a mobile casino and get access to the Thimbles game through it. So you will not depend on either the provider or the performance of your stationary device. Access to the casino will always be with you along with a smartphone or tablet.

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