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Fights without rules have long been gathering thousands of spectators around them, ready to make their predictions for the winner. From time immemorial, it was fistfights and some little-known organizations that attracted more and more attention every day. Fans were ready to brighten up watching the next fight by betting on their favorite fighter. Over time, such a sport as fighting without rules only developed and now adorns the world of betting!

1win Bookmaker could not pass by such a hobby and provides its users with a huge line on UFC bets! There are many different events to choose from, for each of which you can make your first prediction. It can be both a title fight and a fight of completely inexperienced fighters. Everything is done so that each user can find something unique and attractive for himself!

In addition to the wide line, 1winbk also provides excellent odds that will surprise not only a beginner, but also a “veteran” in the field of betting with their size. It would seem that even a fight with a clear favorite can be a great opportunity to earn real money without any problems. All this is possible in the section “Bets on the UFS”, it remains only to open the 1win website.

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What determines UFC: 1win bets

First of all, before making your first prediction for a particular fight with 1win, you should familiarize yourself with what events, weight categories, and so on are.

There are two types of events on which the UFC makes bets: the first is numbered tournaments. They often host the most interesting fights of the best fighters of the promotion, and often they also host fights for the title of a particular weight category.
The second type of event is Fight Night. They are played by less popular fighters who are just gaining the right to compete in numbered tournaments. Often there are fights for the top from 15th place to 7th.

What weight categories exist and do they influence the choice of a fight for the first online bet on the UFC?

Weight category Weight Gender
Heavy weight 93-120 Male
Light Heavyweight 84-93 Male
Average weight 77-84 Male
Welterweight 70-77 Male
Light weight 66-70 Male
Featherweight 61-66 Male/Female
Bantamweight 57-61 Male/Female
Flyweight 53-57 Male/Female
Minimum weight 48-52 Female

This is a list of absolutely all weight categories that are present on the UFC roster. How can he influence the choice of the outcome for the first bet on the UFC? It should be understood that weight directly affects the endurance of fighters and their stamina in fights. That is: the larger the fighter, the less hardy he is and vice versa. Also in those weight categories where the fighters are heavier, respectively, and the punches are denser, that is, there is a greater chance of a knockout. Carefully study all the outcomes offered by 1 win bookmaker and determine the weight category that will be interesting for you!

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First prediction for 1win on the battle example

In order to better understand what outcomes are best to choose and what to build on when betting on the UFC, let’s take a fight from one of the upcoming tournaments - UFC 284.

Islam Makhachev will face Alex Volkanovski in a title fight at a numbered tournament, what do we expect from this fight and what outcome will be more likely? Let’s start with the fact that Volkanovski is no longer at the peak of his form and therefore Islam Makhachev will be the clear favorite. 1win gives a good odds on it, and therefore this outcome will be an excellent option for your first UFC bet!

It is also worth considering such outcomes as the early victory of Islam Makhachev and the victory by submission. They are quite likely, if we refer to the fighting style of the favorite of this fight.

The main odds of the fight Islam Makhachev - Alex Volkanovski

Victory of Islam Makhachev Draw Victory of Alex Volkanovski
1.30 23 3.30

How to bet correctly on UFC: 1win tips

Many beginners make quite a lot of mistakes when making their first UFS bets. That is why the 1win bookmaker gives some tips to avoid them:

  • analyze the previous fights of each fighter;
  • place bets on the UFC without referring to emotions;
  • carefully follow such a factor as the final weigh-in, it can show what form this or that athlete is in;
  • wisely manage your deposit and do not bet “all-in”.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to increase your percentage of winning bets on MMA fights, and 1win will help you earn your first money now!

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Let's start on the 1win website

In order to make your first bets on the UFC, you need to go through a few simple steps, after which you will be able to use all the functions of the 1 win site. The first step is to create your personal account, which is necessary for making predictions, as well as for any other 1 win games. The section 1win registration will kindly help you with this. By clicking on this link, you will be able to go through the account creation step without any problems or hitches.

After the registration is completed, you should familiarize yourself with the main rules that 1win provides. For this, the bookmaker has prepared for you a link 1win game rules, by clicking on which you can read all the nuances that may be found on the site. After you have read this section, you can start the game without fear that any unpleasant situation may happen.

And even if this occurs, our support service will be happy to help you, which is ready to answer all your questions quickly and efficiently!

Why beginners choose 1win bookmaker: UFS bets

Well, it’s worth understanding why exactly 1win is a favorite among beginners who are just starting to make their first sports predictions, and in particular betting on the UFC. We will list the most important advantages of the bookmaker, which all users highlight:

  • an excellent bonus system and promotions that help users earn their first real money without any problems. A huge variety of offers from bk is one of the main advantages of 1win: you can get both first deposit bonus and free spins to play the best online slots! Also, all promotions apply not only to beginners, but also to those who have been using 1 wine for a long time!;
  • ease of use: user-friendly interface, accessibility and fast registration process. All this makes 1win bk one of the best options for those who are just getting acquainted with the world of bets and slots. You can access the site from any device that has a browser. It can be a PC or a laptop. And of course, absolutely various mobile devices based on IOS and Android for playing on the road / outside the home;
  • wide line and excellent odds. This is exactly what attracts many fans sports betting. Firstly, there are many different sports for betting on the 1win site. And secondly, the odds for the entire set of outcomes are so large that it will be as easy as possible to win the first money.


1win bookmaker offers a huge variety of bonus offers, as well as promotions that will help each user earn real money. We advise you to first of all turn your attention to no deposit bonuses, for a beginner this is a really great way to win a good deposit for future bets on the UFC or for playing slots.
Certainly! In order to bet on the UFC on 1 vin online, any device that has a browser is suitable. That is, you do not have to download any third-party programs. You can use both a laptop and a PC or a mobile phone based on Android / IOS.
In order to start winning your first online UFC bets on 1win, you need the right approach and strategy. In order not to make a mistake in choosing the outcome, you should pay attention to the following things: the state of the fighters during the fight, their mental state, the mood in the coaching team. If you correctly analyze each of these points, then real money will not be long in coming!
The 1win bookmaker works daily to ensure that the user can receive their winnings as quickly as possible. That is why the withdrawal of funds takes a minimum amount of time and it does not depend on what results you have shown. After winning a UFC bet or after losing, we try to speed up this process on an ongoing basis!