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Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. 1win Bookmaker takes into account the interests of players and offers to bet on tennis online in live and prematch. All betters, both beginners and experienced, can earn real money by making sports betting. In this article, you will learn why tennis is so popular in bq 1win and how to bet on sports correctly in order to win real money.

All adult bettors can start betting on tennis in 1 win bookmaker. Visit the site, register today, get cool deposit bonuses. Play and win real money at your convenience with our mobile app.

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Bets on tennis: types

Tennis championships are held all year round, regardless of weather conditions. This explains the popularity of the sport - you can bet on tennis online at any time. 1win bookmaker offers bettors several types of tennis bets.


Beginning bettors are advised to pay attention to such tennis bets, as this is the easiest way to learn how to win real money. You will learn the essence of rates, learn how to fill in coupons and pay bills. In the process, the player selects one sporting event and bets on one result from the list:

  • first player wins;
  • second player wins;
  • total over or under;
  • total for a specific player.

Total in betting on tennis and any other sport is the total amount of points scored by an athlete or team in a game. In the coupon, you need to specify the type of bet, the amount and click OK, which will confirm your choice.


The next option is bets on tennis in BC 1win, which consist of several ordinars. Parlays are popular with both beginner bettors and experienced bettors. Their peculiarity is that each bet has its own specific coefficient. All coefficients are multiplied if the player guessed the outcome of the game.

In one coupon, the player indicates several ordinars, which constitute an express bet on tennis. Next, the amount is indicated and the bet is confirmed. If luck smiled and a win fell out, it will turn out to win real money in 1win bk.

tennis betting 1win


The bookmaker accepts such tennis betting 1win for live and prematch. This type of sports betting consists of several accumulator bets at the same time, which we described above. It is important to consider the betting rules of the system in order to win cash. online bets on tennis according to the system are made according to the following rules:

  • 3 out of 6 are six accumulators, in each of which the better bets on three games;
  • 3 out of 4 – similarly to the previous option, the better specifies four accumulator bets in the coupon, each of which has three singles.

When calculating such bets on tennis, the winnings for each multiple bet are first calculated separately. All results obtained are summarized. The amount received is the winnings.

Popular tennis betting strategies

Throughout the history of sports betting, many bettors have wanted to unravel the secret of the winning process at 1win casino and sports betting. Many players use popular strategies when betting on tennis at 1win bookmaker. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular of them.

Set Betting Strategy

This option is used by players who bet on tennis live. The main rule is to choose opponents who have approximately the same qualifications.

You can win real money on bets under certain conditions. If everything is done correctly, the chances of winning will increase significantly and the bet will win.

  • The difference in odds between opponents must not exceed 0.60 at the beginning of the set.
  • The first athlete must win in the first set, in which case the capper will bet on the opponent, whose odds will increase.
  • If the score is equal by the end of the game, you need to bet on another player in order to win money on bets in 1 win anyway.

As you can see, this is the simplest strategy, according to which live tennis betting can work with a high degree of probability.

tennis betting 1win

Game betting strategy

An option used by players who prefer to bet on tennis online using the Dogon system. The principle is that you need to follow each player individually. In a game, tennis players take turns serving. You need to bet on tennis on the player who will win the game.

It is guaranteed to win at the 1win bookmaker using this strategy only when the outsider of the game is guessed. It is important that the players are approximately the same level. The coefficient for the victory of the selected tennis player must be higher than 1.6. If the opponent makes a break in the game, the capper will increase the bet, adhering to the catch-up strategy.

Betting strategy for the leader

Betting on tennis using this strategy is worth it when an outsider is opposed by a clear leader. Many experienced bettors advise to combine bets on the leader with catch-up. At any moment, an outsider can take the lead on points and win the set. In this case, all the same, the bet will play and the better will remain in the black. Quotes for the leader in 1win bk at such rates should be at the level of 1.45 - 1.65.

How to bet on tennis at 1win

A few tips for beginners who first visited the official website of 1win and want to start betting on sports tennis online. First of all, you need to create an account on the portal. On the site 1win registration is simple and takes only a few minutes. Get a casino deposit bonus for registration - 500% for the first four deposits. And go to your personal account to fill in the basic information.

  • Fill out the form, enter your personal data.
  • Select how you want to deposit and withdraw money.
  • Deposit the required amount of money, if any, use the promo code 1win.
  • Verify your gaming profile by uploading a photo of your documents.
  • Go to Lines or Live and select the sport of tennis.
  • Select the game you want to bet on.
  • Go to the coupon, enter the amount you want to bet on the game.
  • Confirm your 1win tennis bets with the OK button.

tennis betting 1win

Now you need to be patient and follow the progress of the game online. The most convenient way to bet online on tennis is through the free 1win App. The program for Android and iOS is available on the official website of 1win bk. After installing the application, log in to your personal account using your username and password to track the results of the game.

If the bet is successful, the money won will be automatically transferred to your main account. Withdrawals can be ordered an unlimited number of times. The bookmaker does not charge a commission for withdrawing money from 1win


According to the Law on Gambling and Betting adopted in 2020, only players over the age of 21 can register in online casinos and betting shops. To verify the age, a profile verification is carried out. After successful verification, players can bet on 1win tennis and play online slots and other games without restrictions.
For technical reasons, it is impossible to return the bets made on tennis. Carefully check all the entered data and the amount before confirming the bet.
For the convenience of our players, the minimum amount for sports betting is 4 UAH. This is the most loyal offer among 1win bookmakers for those who want to start betting on tennis and not risk big money. A prerequisite is that the funds must be transferred from the main, not the bonus account.
Pre-match is 1win tennis bets that are accepted before the start of the game. Live bets on tennis are made immediately after the start of the match. You can place different types of bets in one coupon. This will increase your chances of winning real money.