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Betting on hockey online


Hockey bets are as popular among 1win users as sports betting such as football and tennis. At the same time, most professional bettors give their preference to hockey disciplines, as they consider it ideal for betting when using long-term strategies. Official site 1win is considered to be exactly the gaming platform where you can try your hand at hockey competitions on favorable terms.
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Hockey betting: pros and cons

The first step is to pay attention to the small disadvantages that are present in this sports direction. It is not possible to bet on hockey at the 1win bookmaker throughout the calendar year. If you study the statistics, there are only 2 main championships that you can follow in full. These include the NHL and KHL leagues. Between these seasons there is a pause, which on average takes several months. In addition, there is a high percentage of chances of lockouts occurring.

The second disadvantage is the low limits for betting on hockey competitions, which can usually be found on most official resources of betting companies. But this shortcoming does not concern the 1win bookmaker, which offers its customers higher limits. In addition, to encourage new customers, the company gives pleasant bonuses for registration. They can be used to place bets.

Internet hockey betting: diversity and features

Hockey is a sport in which the end of the regular time of the game does not mean the victory of one of the teams. If necessary, the judge adds overtime and several sets of shootouts in order to determine the winner. Therefore, players who prefer sports betting to hockey should take these subtleties into account. There may be several options for betting on the website 1win casino:

  • Exodus. In the main game, the first or second team can win, or the referee will record a draw. For these bets, the bookmaker generally sets higher limits. In this case, the margin is minimal. Also, players are given a unique chance: in order to minimize their risks of losing money on bets, they can bet on a double outcome of the event, that is, choose an option in which both teams do not lose or, on the contrary, the absence of a draw will be recorded.
  • Totals. Such online hockey bets are considered popular today. It consists in the fact that the player guesses the probability of exceeding the established statistical indicator (total) or manages to make a stop in front of it. Basically, choosing this betting option, players need to guess the number of goals scored. There is also the option of choosing an individual total. The tactics of the game in this case should not necessarily be related to the result of the event. Players are allowed to set the total for one of three periods or a certain time period.
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Resulting bids

These include a bet on a handicap. Such live betting on hockey or betting in pre-match mode implies a handicap of one of the two clubs. In this case, the handicap can be negative and positive. In the first case, the leader team must beat their opponent by a significant margin. In the second case, the outsider must try not to lose with a minimum difference. When the handicap is an integer, the player gets the opportunity to return the lost money.

The choice of a particular type of bet will depend on the experience of betters. They will be able to place bets on the NHL or KHL using mobile devices and any gadgets on which you can install the 1win app or go to the browser.

Analysis before the match: tips and tricks for players on the site 1win bk

The right choice of strategy is considered as important as when betting on football, tennis and other sports disciplines. The use of tactics is allowed when choosing bets in real time. But at the same time, do not forget about such important criteria as:

  • Current physical training and form of athletes. Sometimes leaders can lose to a weak team due to the fact that they have several games in a row in the competition table. At the same time, do not forget about injured players, who can drastically change the situation in the game;
  • Statistics of recent meetings. Some hockey clubs single out several teams with which it is “inconvenient” to go on the ice. Therefore, the results of such meetings can be completely unpredictable;
  • Motivation is also considered one of the key factors to keep in mind when betting on hockey matches. In regular tournaments, most teams cope with their tasks before the end of the competition. For this reason, they can relax in some competitions, which will affect the bets.

Hockey betting online cannot boast of one reliable strategy that would allow you to regularly win decent amounts of money. But the experts of the 1vin bookmaker identify several options for tactics that allow you to make good money.

Variety of hockey betting strategies

The first option of the proposed strategy is to bet on a draw. At the same time, both teams have approximately the same opportunities, and the professionalism of the athletes should be at the same level. The average value of the coefficients for this betting option is 3.0. When the first period ends in a draw, it is better for the better to take the invested money. If a completely different result is observed, players are advised to bet on catch-up.

The second version of the popular strategy is that in a certain period of time there will be increased performance. 1win bookmaker is ready to offer high odds for the total 1.5 betting option. In this case, the average value of performance will be about 2 goals or more. The probability of winning good money will be high precisely in those hockey competitions where two attacking teams fight each other. In this case, the game is played according to the same algorithm as at the time of betting on a draw.

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Why use a strategy in sports betting on hockey

Using one of the proposed strategies allows you to increase the chances of players to win. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that it is worthwhile to approach the betting process responsibly, taking into account the state of the chosen team of the favorite. Sometimes even the leading hockey clubs can lose to a weak team, as they will have a large number of injured athletes in their roster.

Why you should bet on 1win

Among the positive aspects of betting on hockey, you can find a lot more. Among them:

  • The density of the schedule throughout the season - games are held every 2-3 days, so betters will not be bored while waiting for the next match. Also, this factor allows betters to track the emotional state of the team and its fatigue in order to form their decisions;
  • A wide variety of games, among which even inexperienced players can choose an interesting option for themselves;
  • The results of the gameplay are not predictable. In this sport, a team that has been on the list of outsiders for the last few games, and at the end of the season has become one of the leaders, can win;
  • The ability to select high odds in live mode, allowing you to win a solid amount of money.

In addition, information resources offer a large selection of rates that can be used for betting. Therefore, players can always stay afloat. The main thing is to choose the ideal and profitable option for yourself.


Betting on football matches is considered the most popular option. But online hockey betting is not far behind him. They attract the attention of betters with a wide variety of events, their frequency, match performance, entertainment and high odds. Therefore, you can choose bets on hockey matches to win large amounts of money with the same frequency as on football tournaments.
Live betting on hockey is considered a gold mine for those bettors who can analyze information and make mathematical calculations. If you have time to make a bet in real time, you can earn decent money. This chance is explained by the fact that in real live the bookmaker sets high odds. The main thing is to have time to make the right choice.
Like any other option for betting on the outcome of a sporting event, sports betting on hockey also has its downsides. The first drawback is the factor that you can not bet all the time, but only in a certain period of time when games are played in the leagues. The second disadvantage is the low value of the established limits.
In order to win on a regular basis, betting on hockey matches, bettors recommend following a strategy. Bets on hockey online, which are made taking into account the proposed options for tactics, are often winning. The main thing is not to forget about the accompanying factors.