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Football has been one of the most popular sports around the world for centuries. In every country, hundreds of thousands of fans gather in stadiums and in front of TV screens to watch the performance of their favorite team. Of course, against the backdrop of huge popularity, such a niche as betting on football events was born.

Football betting is becoming more and more popular every day. And more and more people are trying their hand at predicting the outcome of matches. After all, this is a good option to brighten up watching the match, as well as win good money. Of course, 1 win bookmaker has not bypassed the involvement of people in betting. In this article, we will understand how football bookmaker bets work, as well as how to bet on football and not lose. Excellent advice from 1win will help even a beginner to predict his first outcome.

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1win soccer betting

When you go to the 1win website, you will see many tabs with various types of entertainment. One of them is football betting. 1win bookmaker provides many different events that users can bet on. Of course, the range of championships and leagues is fascinating: the Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and, of course, the beloved La Liga. Also, in addition to the top 5 leagues, 1win provides other championships from various countries: Argentina, Holland, Belgium, Austria and others. Well, the favorites of many betters are international club championships, as well as those where only teams take part. The World Championship, Euro, Champions League, Europa League and Confederations League are at the complete disposal of users for successful bets.

Betting on the Premier League is one of the leading sections of betting. And in order to understand the interface and outcomes that 1win offers, let’s take into consideration the match Tottenham - Aston Villa. Another great Premier League match that will be watched by many fans around the world. Sure, Spurs are looking pretty good this season, but Aston Villa are losing ground compared to last. Consider the possible outcomes of this confrontation as an example and make our first online sports betting!

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An excellent match awaits the audience, because even though Tottenham looks much stronger than their rivals, nothing is clear until the end, because this is the Premier League. Do not forget that the “spurs” have a chic selection and the Harry Kane factor. This is a great player who had a pretty good World Cup and is ready to break back into the Premier League. In this match, you can rather expect constant pressure and possession from Tottenham and rare counterattacks from the “burgundy”. Still, one of the likely outcomes will be a Spurs win, a Harry Kane goal, and both will score. And here are the odds offered by 1win bookmaker for you:

Basic odds

Tottenham win Draw Aston Villa win
1.69 4.05 4.93

Odds for other outcomes

Harry Kane Goal - Yes 1.89
Both to score - yes 1.8

How to bet on football correctly: 1win tips

Betting is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. But having enough information, you can easily figure out this type of entertainment. And 1win bk has prepared some useful tips for your favorite users “how to bet on football and not lose.”

  • Analyze the previous matches of the teams, as well as monitor the condition of the players: it is important to understand what form the club is in in order to choose the right outcome. Watch out for injured players who perform better or worse than usual;
  • Do not bet on football on emotions: always keep in mind that cold calculation and analytics lead to success. You can’t rely on emotions in betting, because this leads to disappointing results;
  • Only bet on football on events you are familiar with: don’t look at league 4 matches. It would be better to choose one of the Premier League matches, about which you can find enough information for a successful bet.

Football betting is not just entertainment, but a whole culture that attracts millions of fans around the world. 1 win bk is ready to introduce every beginner to the world of betting and provide excellent bonuses for the first bets.

football betting 1win

Why choose 1win bk

A great question for a beginner: “Where do you place your first bet?”. The answer is simple - 1win. This is a place where everyone can find entertainment for their own interest. Are you into betting? Then all the most popular sports and a wide line of bets are at your attention. Do you like to spin slots after a working day? This is also not a problem: a lot of top developers and colorful slots are already waiting for you. And of course, one cannot fail to mention such a function as Fantasy Sport , which will appeal to fans of analyzing and predicting the success of players and their teams.

It is also worth noting that 1win has prepared a lot of bonuses for its users. The promotions offered by the bookmaker are perfect for both those who have just entered the site and those who have been using 1win for a long time in order to have a great time.

Accessibility will be a great bonus to user convenience. Everyone can use the functions of 1win bk and it doesn’t matter what device you have. Any one with a browser will do. It can be a personal computer, laptop or mobile phone based on Android or IOS. All this is done so that each user can win real money whether he is at home or on his way to work.

First steps on 1win

In order to start your journey with 1win bk, you need to go to the site and register. Of course, we made sure that it was easier for you to go through this process and the link will help you with this: 1win registration. By clicking on it, you can easily create a new account and already begin to get acquainted with the huge range of what bookmaker has to offer.

After registration, you will have access to all the functions and modes that are available on 1win. But despite this, before that it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the rules of our resource. The 1win Rules of the Game section will kindly help you with this.

Once you have gone through these simple processes, you can start looking at interesting matches for prediction and placing your first bet. Study the interface and the possibilities of the bookmaker well before you start betting, and then betting on football from 1win will be a great pastime for you.


Withdrawals are one of the top priorities for 1win. We try every day to ensure that users can receive their winnings as quickly as possible, regardless of whether it is betting on football or playing in another module. Convenience and comfort is an issue that 1vin is constantly working on so that you stay with us!
In order to place Champions League bets on 1win bq, absolutely any device with a browser is suitable. Personal computer or laptop - it’s up to you. Also a nice bonus for those who do not like to stay at home will be accessibility from a mobile phone based on Android or IOS. You do not need to download any programs or third-party applications in order to place a bet or play slots on 1win.
For your favorite users, 1win bk has prepared many different bonuses that will brighten up your pastime. Our promotions will help all users win real money from the first bet on football. The most important thing is that they are available to both beginners and those users who have been with 1win for a long time.
In order to bet on football, you need to conduct a good analysis of matches, as well as follow the news of the league or leagues that you bet on. 1 win has a wide line of predictions for various football events, with which it will be not only easy, but also interesting to earn money.