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For a very long time, fighting began to attract the attention of many sports fans around the world. Everyone wanted to see how the fighters sort things out in the ring, in the cage, and in ancient times even in the gladiator arenas. No wonder, because it’s just a huge amount of adrenaline, emotions and bright events. Over time, simple fights began to become much more boring, and the audience decided to place bets.

Predictions for fisticuffs are popular to this day. No fight is complete without thousands of predictions from viewers. Of course, this is not only a way to win good money, but also an option to make viewing more interesting. That is why 1win bookmaker gladly added to itself such a mode as betting on boxing! This is the perfect way to spend an evening watching a fight and earn money by rooting for your favorite fighter.

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How to start betting on boxing bk 1win

But how do you still bet on boxing? What should be paid attention to, what should be avoided. Under what conditions does the battle take place and how can it end? And what are the outcomes and what can be bet with the least risk. You can learn all this from 1win!

Before you start diving into the world of betting, you should follow a few simple steps that will bring you one step closer to the first prediction. From the simplest - creating an account. This is a mandatory process that will not take much time, and will also allow you to make boxing bets, as well as play other modes from 1win. The section will help with this - 1win registration. Using it, you do not have to rack your brains over creating an account, everything will happen in two clicks!

After you have created your personal account, you need to read the user agreement of the bookmaker. This will help you keep yourself out of unpleasant situations and make your game much safer. In order to read it, follow the link “1win rules of the game”. After you have passed this step, then a huge world of entertainment from 1win opens up, into which you can already immerse yourself.

Lastly, and before you start betting on boxing for the first time, take a look at the general interface. This will help you navigate the site better. In the upper right corner is your profile, and next to it you can see the “Deposit” section. Thanks to them, you can not only track your personal statistics, but also make deposits through many different, and most importantly convenient and practical, methods.

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What do you need to know about boxing?

First of all, it is worth noting that boxing is much easier than many other sports, such as football, basketball, tennis and others. Due to the fact that everything is quite simple: 12 rounds, two fighters and one winner. The number of outcomes is much less than in other sports predictions, and due to this, it will be easier to figure out how to still bet on boxing. Let’s look at what weight categories are in this sport and what they can affect:

Genre Classic Multiplier
Minimum Bid 100 x1 and x2
Max Bid 500 x1 and x3
Number of reels 5 x3 and x5
Number of Rows 4 x2
Number of Lines 100 x2 and x10
Platforms PC, smartphones x3

Athletes who weigh more have less endurance and have more punch. From this we can conclude that fights often end ahead of schedule. Athletes with less weight can boast of other qualities: high endurance and speed, as well as biting blows. Due to this, the battle, in theory, lasts longer.

Knowing these nuances, you can start betting on boxing with 1win and try to win your first money! The main thing is to analyze the previous fights of athletes, as well as monitor their physical condition.

How to bet on boxing live: 1win bk?

Well, when it comes to how to bet on live boxing, then you should follow other rules. To be more precise, just superficial information is not enough. But 1win bookmaker is ready to help you win real money by betting on boxing online.

In order to bet on fighters right in the middle of a fight, there are some fundamental things to keep in mind that can help you win early wins by betting on boxing in the heat of a fight.

  • monitor the general condition of the fighters;
  • pay attention to the atmosphere in the corners of opponents;
  • watch carefully for bruises and cuts that may appear during the battle;
  • don’t make decisions on emotions, and don’t rush to make any decisions.

By following these simple tips, betting on boxing will be easy and effortless. You can brighten up your evening watching your favorite fight with 1win!

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Why do beginners choose 1win?

There are many reasons why players who are just starting their journey in betting choose 1vin bk. This is due to hundreds of factors, but we will list only the most important ones. Which make the game of our users incredible! Well, let’s figure out why they choose exactly 1win:

  • promotions and bonuses 1win for every taste and color! You can choose what you really like: like to play slots online - 70 free spins from a deposit of $ 30 or as much as 500% in addition to the first replenishment, what will you choose? And the most important thing is that they are available to everyone: beginners and betting veterans!;
  • Lightning fast withdrawals! This function has been optimized for a very long time and works so well that sometimes you can’t even believe it. This is due to the fact that 1win works daily to improve all processes so that the user is as satisfied as possible!
  • accessibility in all its glory! You can access the site from absolutely any device on which an online browser is available. Suitable for PC, laptop and mobile phone with Android OS or IOS. What does it mean? That’s right, no need to download additional programs, everything is simple and affordable!


Live betting on boxing is not the easiest discipline in the world of betting. In order to choose the right outcomes online for 1 win, you need to have a good understanding of this sport. When choosing a bet, we advise you to keep an eye on such things as: cuts, bruises and the general mood of the athletes, as well as their coaching team.
You can make withdrawals quickly and hassle-free after any gaming session. It can be both boxing bets and forecasts for other sports, as well as slots. Access to the 1win website is unlimited and you can use it from any mobile phone based on IOS or Android.
Betting on boxing, like other sports, requires maximum involvement and knowledge from you. Before making your first prediction on 1win, you need to be well acquainted with the statistics of the fighters and other information that will help you win your first money.
1win bookmaker provides its users with a huge variety of different bonus offers. Promotions that users can get always increase their chance of winning! If we talk about such a type of betting as box betting, then such offers as: no deposit bonuses, as well as those that will increase your bonus balance, will show themselves best.