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Once again, welcome to the 1win casino website, where the best gambling games are collected! With their help, you can get aesthetic pleasure or earn real money. And if you want everything at once, then this option is also possible. Just run original games from our developers! 1win site already includes a complete catalog of unique gambling games where you can have a completely new experience.

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Description of Royal Mines 1win

Royal Mines online is an original novelty from the internal development studio 1 win. In it you have to move along the lines, occupying one of the available free cells. For each successful step, you will be credited with real money winnings! And in case of failure, you will have to start all over again, but you should not be upset. After all, all the advantages of the new game will help you stay in the black under any circumstances!

By the way, if you have been with us for a long time, then you probably noticed other gambling games from 1vin. We regularly supplement our catalog with our own novelties that are relevant for modern gamblers. In them you can observe stable returns, high-quality graphics and the most convenient interface. All 1win slots and other types of gambling can be easily launched on any mobile device!

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Basic rules

So, in order to start earning money in an online casino, it is important to understand the rules of any game. In the case of 1win Royal Mines, everything will be as simple as possible. After all, initially the game interface was developed in such a way that it was intuitively understandable to every gambler. Therefore, we focus only on the most important points:

  • Playing field - when starting this game, you need to decide on the size of the playing field. There are currently five options available from smallest to largest. We recommend starting with a 3x6 size so that you can quickly get used to the new game.
  • Bet size and multipliers is the next step that is present in every online casino game of chance. But Royal Mines slot is extremely loyal to all gamblers. After all, the minimum bet is only 10 RUB. Specify any suitable amount and start playing! Please note that the multiplier increases as you move along the available lines of the playing field, and if you choose the largest size, then the coefficients will be corresponding.
  • Additional settings - in the game menu you can use additional settings. For example, you can turn off the sound, change the language, or view the history of previous bets. This is very useful for those who monitor results and think over strategies.
  • Withdrawal of funds - in order to withdraw the received winnings in 1win Royal Mines, you need to click on the appropriate button. It is located at the bottom of the screen in the form of a coin. Please note that you can withdraw funds at any stage of the game! Similar mechanics are implemented in crash games, so you don’t have to reach the last line with the maximum bet multiplier.

1win Royal Mines rules

We also remind you that Royal Mines can be launched via the 1win app on a smartphone. Install the appropriate version on your smartphone and immediately take an impressive no deposit bonus! It can also be used to earn money in the new game!

Royal Mines Benefits

Among the main advantages of Royal Mines 1win, I would like to note the graphics and speed of the game. This is a great sofa that will please you with a well-known style. Such quality of graphics is found only in top mobile games! And if we talk about speed, then this is a great option for those who do not have time to sit at a PC. You can play the original online casino game while on the road, at work or even on vacation!

It is obvious that not only visual and technical characteristics ensure the interest of gamblers. First of all, everyone is interested in the potential gain. And in this regard, Royal Mines can surprise you. After all, even with the selected standard size of the playing field 3x6, after the first successful action, you will receive a multiplier x1.43! And by making two more steps on the virtual lines, you will increase your bet by more than three times!


Royal Mines slot is a unique gambling game that has practically no analogues in online casinos. But still, it can be classified as fast entertainment, because the gameplay lasts only a few seconds. It has a lot in common with crash games, where the client decides when to take the money.
It is very easy to start earning real money with Royal Mines 1win. Register on the site of our online casino, make the optimal deposit and start the game! Please note that the 500% bonus is only credited on the first deposit, so it’s worth considering after registration!
In the original Royal Mines game, a wide range of bets is available to online gamblers. For example, the minimum allowable amount is 10 RUB. The maximum bet can be equal to 20,000 RUB. The amount changes according to the chosen currency on your main virtual balance in the online casino.
Royal Mines casino is a development of 1win bookmaker. Therefore, the gambling establishment is the provider of its own original game. We also recall that the online casino is legal and guarantees a fair game to all its customers! You can verify this thanks to the numerous reviews!
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