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This is a casino product that was developed by the well-known provider Evolution Gaming in the industry. The presentation of the online game took place in 2019, after which gambling entertainment gained almost instant popularity. First of all, because this is a nostalgia game, the rules of which are known all over the world. However, in this case, this is a live money game Monopoly casino adapted to the casino format. In addition, it gives players the opportunity to have a good time and win solid prizes.

That’s why our 1win official site has added gambling entertainment to its gaming library. And with full confidence we can say that many gamblers liked it. After all, it is suitable for both beginners and avid players for money. Moreover, it has good characteristics, a bonus round and much more.

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Monopoly casino review - machine characteristics

Before proceeding with the gameplay for real money, it will be rational to first familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the slot. In turn, the Evolution Gaming company has developed such conditions and game mechanism, under which the participants have a real chance to get a solid reward. At the same time, she took care not only about the technical indicators of the machine, but also the comfort of users. Therefore, we propose to study the parameters of the online slot in more detail and find out what is special about them.

Live slot Monopoly casino feature :

  • Return to Player Percentage (RTP) - 96.23%;
  • Number of sectors - 54;
  • Time to bet - 12 seconds;
  • Minimum bid is 0.1;
  • Maximum - 1000;
  • Multiplayer game;
  • History of the game;
  • Live chat with other members;
  • Professional dealers;
  • Bonus game;
  • Mobile device support;
  • License of Malta;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.

As you can see, the Evolution Gaming brand has endowed its live Monopoly with excellent characteristics. It is because of them that entertainment has become so popular among modern gamblers.

1win Monopoly casino

Monopoly live casino interface features

One of the factors to pay attention to is slot interfaces in Monopoly casino. The 1win casino live game has a simple and user-friendly interface. You can quickly navigate and understand it literally at the first start of gambling entertainment. The main place on the screen is occupied by the wheel, which turns the presenter. And at the bottom are the bets that the visitor is invited to make.

On the left side is a live chat. It allows all participants of the event to communicate with each other. Also on the left is the main character of the game, which triggers the bonus round.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the convenience of the gameplay. Since this is one of the few live games 1win that is compatible with mobile devices. Entertainment perfectly adapts to mobile phones and tablets. Thus, you can play from any convenient device.

Rules of the game

The popular game Monopoly casino has very simple rules. The advantage was the presence of a bonus game, which allows you to increase the reward. Therefore, we propose to understand in more detail how you can win in this gambling entertainment.

How to play for money:

  • First of all, you need to register, because after it you can get 1win bonuses. After that, you need to replenish the deposit;
  • Find the game in the library on the site and run it;
  • A wheel with 54 sectors will appear in the window that opens;
  • The following symbols are present on the wheel: 1, 2, 5, 10, as well as 2 rolls, 4 rolls and Chance;
  • At the bottom there are 6 “coupons” with the same names. The player needs to guess on which of them the wheel will stop and place a bet;
  • If a sector with the value “1” fell out and the player made a bet on it, then it is returned to him;
  • If the “Chance” sector fell out, then the participant receives a random prize. It can be both bonuses and cash;
  • When 2 rolls or 4 rolls are rolled, the bonus game starts for users who have made a bet.

Monopoly casino free spins: bonus game

The bonus game is accompanied by the main character, who is on the screen next to the wheel all this time, reading the newspaper. 2 rolls and 4 rolls is the number of rolls. That is, when starting the bonus game, the user can make 2 or 4 rolls.

In the bonus game Monopoly casino, gamers travel to a beautiful 3D city. It is on it that the character will move, collecting gifts for the guest. No special action is required from the participant. However, he gets the opportunity to increase his reward in this way. But you need to remember that in order to visit the bonus game, you need to bet on this value.

1win Monopoly casino

Monopoly slots – casino games demo mode

Monopoly casino from the manufacturer Evolution Gaming is a gambling game that is carried out in live broadcast mode. That is why it does not have a traditional demo mode, as in classic slot machines. However, the broadcasts themselves take place in HD resolution, which makes it convenient to watch the gameplay. However, in any case, users need to have money on deposit in order to join the stream. This is due precisely to the fact that the usual demo mode in the slot is missing.

On the other hand, participants have the opportunity to first watch the gameplay (12 seconds are given per bet). Or try out the offer online casino with a minimum investment, using the lowest rate (0.1). The manufacturer also offers various promotional materials so that gamblers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the gameplay in detail.


Yes, it is absolutely safe to play Monopoly live casino from the developer Evolution Gaming. First of all, because a well-known manufacturer in the gambling entertainment industry has a license from Malta. In addition, his online games are tested in laboratories and have the appropriate certificates. Our official website also guarantees the safety of personal data. Therefore, it is absolutely safe to play this game online on the site.
No, due to the fact that this is still a life game, Game Monopoly Casino does not have a demonstration regime. First of all, because the entire gameplay is carried out in direct broadcast mode. Due to such a mechanism, to provide the participants with a demonstration regime is not possible. However, the gambling game for real money has very simple rules. You can quickly figure it out and win a reward.
Yes, you can play Monopoly Casino using your smartphone or tablet. The developers use a special technology, thanks to which the live game adapts to a mobile phone. Thus, you can join the gameplay at any convenient time, using your phone or tablet.
Yes, casino online Monopoly is a gambling game where you can win real money. However, in order to win a real reward, you need to use real money during the gameplay. Also in the game there are many bonuses. Happy users.

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