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The hit of the season is the game Lucky Jet, one of the most popular slots at the moment. It is created using advanced technologies, which gives players the opportunity to experience new sensations from online gambling.

One of the advantages of Lucky Jet is its high return - more than 96%, for players this means a great chance of winning. Plus, the machine provides a large selection of bonus features that can significantly increase the player’s winnings. 1win official website provides the maximum range of online games and bonuses.

1 win Lucky Jet slot is a representative of the category of crash games, high risks are compensated by large winnings. In the game you need to place a bet, after which the multiplier begins to grow. Players need to make a decision on when to close their bet as the end time of the round is unknown. If you manage to close the bet before the round ends, then you win, otherwise you lose. Players control their own level of risk, it all depends on your dexterity and luck.

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Lucky Jet game: basic rules

In this review, we will provide basic information for playing 1win Lucky Jet. If you were not previously familiar with online slots, this game may seem very unusual, or even strange. Believe me, you can have a lot of fun even without spinning the reels. Once you get into the spirit, it will be hard for you to leave lucky Joe, he is the main character here.

Also, to start playing you need to complete 1win registration. After this, the first registration bonus will be available, +500% on the deposit, to activate it you need to top up your balance. Then select the lucky jet 1 win slot in the casino section and click on the Play button.

To place a bet, select the desired amount of money using the Bet button. Then press the Start button and pilot Joe will begin the flight. Your base odds are 1, the maximum possible odds are 50. The longer you are in the air, the more money you can win. However, it is worth considering that the coefficient does not increase linearly. The value can remain in the range from 1 to 10 for several minutes, and then rise sharply. It is important to be alert at all times, otherwise you may lose your bet completely.

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Devices for convenient gaming

You can play Lucky Jet slot machine on any device, each of which has its own advantages. Desktop users can enjoy a full-size game and more detailed graphics. Which makes the gameplay even more exciting.

Players on iOS and Android devices can experience the benefits of portability. The game is well optimized and guarantees no delays or problems with the application. In the event of a failure in the Internet connection, the system automatically provides a refund of the bet, which is a big plus for players.

Recommendations for Lucky Jet 1win players

We have prepared some basic but important tips for players. They will help you increase your chances of winning:

  • Increase bets at long-term high odds. As mentioned earlier, the odds do not grow linearly. Therefore, if you notice a constant upward trend, increase your bet to get more winnings.
  • Set a limit on how much money you can spend and stick to it. In the world of gambling, it is important to keep your head cool, otherwise you could lose a lot of money.
  • Use Lucky Jet demo mode to practice your skills and understand how the game works. You should not bet large sums of money ahead of time.
  • Watch the players of the 1vin online casino. The experience of other gamblers will save you a lot of money.

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Lucky Jet demo: benefits for casino players

Lucky Jet game is an exciting and exciting slot. However, not every player is ready to risk their money to try their luck. In this case, the test mode comes to the rescue. Lucky Jet demo is available to all players, this is an opportunity to try the game without investing real money. Instead, they use virtual loans provided by 1win casino. This allows players to become familiar with the game, understand its rules and mechanics, without the risk of losing their money.

Demo mode is also a great way for experienced players to hone their skills and try new strategies. In this mode you can play as much as you like, there are no restrictions. However, do not forget that this mode is only a simulation of the game and you cannot win real money.


No, no additional software is required to play Lucky Jet online. The slot machine is fully playable without the need to install additional programs or applications. All you need is a device (computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet) with Internet access.
1win Lucky Jet is a licensed slot machine and has all the anti-hacking certificates. Interfering with the game protocols is simply impossible. Each player has an equal chance of winning. It all depends on your persistence and luck. Each player can be confident in the reliability of 1vin services.
Demo mode is very important for players. In the Lucky Jet demo you can experience all the intricacies of the slot. Understand how game mechanics work. However, you cannot win real money. It is important to clarify that for the demo game you do not need to register or send SMS confirmations.
1 win casino provides the maximum range of bonus services. For new players there is a bonus + 500% on deposit for registration. There is also: cashback, additional free spins, and of course bonuses for the best players. It is worth noting that bonuses are available only to registered players of 1vin online casino.
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