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Jetx casino is an innovative development designed to take online casual games to a new level. The rules of the slot are very simple - rather, it is a game of attentiveness and speed. Luck plays a role here

The provider of this game is the design studio SmartSoft Gaming. The main theme of the machine was the plane gaining altitude. So, the main goal of the game is the simplest - the player bets on the outcome of the flight of the aircraft. As in most online slots - the larger the bet amount, the higher the win, since the winning coefficient is calculated on the main bet amount.

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Jetx casino game rules

The rules of the game in Jet X are as simple as possible. On the website 1win access to this machine will open for gamblers - the ability to quickly get money. The main goal of the player is to keep track of the speed of the aircraft and the increase in the coefficient - and manage to withdraw the maximum winnings when the aircraft is at its peak and has not exploded.

The presence of luck also cannot be canceled, although its role is secondary. It is not known exactly when the ship will explode, so here it will be necessary to show either endurance or remarkable speed. The game is activated after the bet is launched.

Jetx online game interface

Bets at 1vin casino on this machine are assumed to be from 0.1 to 60 credits in the casino currency. Such a run-up makes it possible to play not only for beginners, but also for avid high rollers.

jetx casino game
Basic – these are multipliers or multipliers. The maximum value can reach 30 units. The main task of the player – at the maximum multiplier, activate the “Collect” button in time; and withdraw money to the game account. If you miss a good moment – most likely the device will explode and the rate will burn down.

There are two active “Collect” buttons on the game screen; and accordingly “Start”. Such a simple interface also determines the availability of rules. Where the main thing is not to miss a good moment – instead of calculating complex strategies.

Jetx game: how to win and take the jackpot in time?

Jet X — this is a fundamentally new machine, significantly different from similar slots. An ordinary one-armed bandit is designed in such a way that the loss of a win is determined exclusively at random, randomly. Jetx provides an opportunity to independently decide when exactly you need to collect the winnings and in what amount. You can, for example, not take risks and stop the plane from taking off at a low start and get a small gain. But you can – take a chance and stop at the maximum coefficient, with a chance to get a bigger win.

Why is it better to play Jetx on 1win?

1win online casino allows its players to get better acquainted with the interface, rules and features of the Jetx slot machine . For this, the Jetx demo mode is offered, where virtual coins are used in bets instead of real money. 1vin casino also provides a bonus for registering new users of the platform. Such a bonus can also be wagered by placing bets on the Jetx slot machine.

jetx casino 1win
The strategy of the Jet x slot machine will be easier if you read the detailed manual. Do not forget that there are additional multipliers in the game. The main strategy from experienced players – the longer you “warm up” machine, the more chances to win.

Registration and account replenishment

In order to be able to bet and receive real money as a win on the Jetx slot, you need to go through the procedure registration at 1win casino. This can be done by filling out a short questionnaire on the 1win website or by logging in through one of the social media accounts. In the registration form, it is also necessary to indicate the currency in which the player will replenish and, accordingly, withdraw funds from the game account.


Yes, definitely. The JetX slot machine is adapted for any mobile device, be it a phone or a tablet. The version of the machine provides for pairing with iOS or Android operating systems. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device.
You can play for free at 1win casino in JetX demo mode. Instead of the player’s real money, virtual coins are deducted from the player’s account. But it will not work to withdraw winnings according to such a gaming principle. Therefore, the hit jackpot can remain the same virtual. If the user decides to play and win, he will have to register a personal account and replenish the account with money. Real, not virtual.
There is no basic strategy for winning in JetX. Experienced players are advised to track the statistics of aircraft explosions. Definitely - it should fall under the chronology. So you can detect the time range in which the plane crashes most often. Again, this is not a 100% winning strategy. But still, it is worth adhering to the principles of responsible gambling - you should not bet more than you can afford to lose.
There is no best casino to play Jet-X. However, some casinos may be better than others depending on your individual needs and preferences. 1win online casino offers its visitors the most technologically advanced virtual platform, generous bonuses and profitable sports betting all rolled into one.

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