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The live casino industry is developing by leaps and bounds. Many players have already noted for themselves the advantages of this particular area of gambling entertainment. That is why gambling providers strive to offer an up-to-date assortment for modern gamblers. However, Crazy Time is, of course, one of the brightest representatives of this industry. An online game gives you the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino, and also generously gives bonuses.

That is why 1win official site decided to please its participants by adding this entertainment to the game library. This game, designed for online casinos, has many features and benefits. For example, bonuses, additional games, user-friendly interface and fair payouts. It is for this reason that the slot has become so popular among live casino connoisseurs.

1win Сrazy Time

Crazy Time history - about the game

Many people are interested in the success story of the popular slot. Since this gambling game has many fans around the world. First of all, this casino product was developed by a well-known provider in the gambling industry - Evolution Gaming. Crazy Time was included in the list of his most popular entertainment. For the first time, the online game was discussed at the ICE Exhibition in February 2020.

There she was introduced by the director of the entertainment development department for online casino. After a small debut, the game was able to get a huge success. It has become one of the most anticipated on gambling entertainment platforms in different countries. And then the participants themselves were able to evaluate its positive characteristics. At the same time, many of them began to leave positive reviews, which led to even greater demand.

Benefits of Crazy Time Live

However, why could a simple live casino game be so successful? It has many competitive advantages that set it apart from others. For example, like 1win slots, it has a colorful design and many bonuses. We offer a closer look at the advantages of a live game.

1win Crazy Time

Crazy Time Live benefits:

  • HD broadcasts;
  • User friendly interface;
  • Simple rules;
  • Professional charismatic presenters;
  • Bonus games and rounds;
  • Beautiful studio interior;
  • Fair payments to players;
  • RTP - 96.8%;
  • Live chat with dealer;
  • Atmosphere of a land-based casino;
  • Low minimum bid.

Of course, a game with such parameters had no chance of being ignored. And many users want to master it in order to start playing for real money faster.

Crazy Time play site

The popular live game for money has fairly simple rules. They can be quickly learned and memorized. But in any case, to take part, you need 1win registration on the site. In addition, for the gameplay you need to replenish the deposit. It won’t take long to master the rest of the conditions.

1win Сrazy Time

How to play Crazy Time online:

  • After entering your personal account and making a deposit, you need to find a slot in the casino’s game library. Then you need to run it;
  • In the game that opens, you will see a dealer spinning the wheel. Sectors on the wheel are marked with symbols and bonus games;
  • Also note the panel above the wheel. This is the multiplier that is triggered if it matches the result on the reel;
  • At the bottom of the screen, there are 8 chips with different bets. If you want to join the gameplay, then select at least one of them;
  • After everyone has placed their bets, the presenter spins the wheel. You need your bet to match the dropped sector. It can be both a symbol and a bonus game;
  • At the end, everyone receives their payouts or a mini-game begins. If the participant did not bet on the bonus round, then for a while he becomes an observer.

Several bonus games are offered, namely Crazy Time, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Cash Hunt.

Bonus games in Crazy Time game

Not all online games can offer such exciting gameplay as this one. In fact, playing Crazy Time casino offers you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a land-based establishment. In addition to the main gameplay, there are also bonus games. These are sort of mini slots in the game itself, however, they also take place in live mode. So we suggest you find out what these bonus games are.

Bonus games in Crazy Time game

What are the bonus games in the slot:

  • Pachinko. A wall with stakes appears on the screen with 16 multiplier values at the bottom. The host launches the ball. And depending on where it ends up, the winnings are determined.
  • Crazy Time. Users are invited to choose one of the three marks above the drum and catch the multipliers. Maximum bonus x20,000.
  • Cash Hunt. The field stands of 108 cells, each of which contains a random multiplier. Players are given time to select one of the cells, after which a signal determines the final amount of winnings.
  • Coin Flip. Two coins (red and blue) are displayed on the screen. Winning or losing is determined depending on which side of the chip falls up. The maximum multiplier is x100.

As Crazy Time statistics show, the eponymous bonus game falls out the least often. But it gives the opportunity to win the biggest cash prize.

Play Crazy Time demo version

Since this is still a live game, it does not have a demo mode as such. However, by joining the gameplay, all participants can first watch it. The provider also has a lot of promotional videos that allow you to get acquainted with the slot. In any case, entertainment has simple rules that all players cope with quickly. And for starters, you can make a minimum bet.

Crazy Time stats online

Crazy Time statistics online

Online game statistics let you know the sectors that fall out more often than others. There are several variations of statistics. One is part of the slot interface, located at the bottom of the screen. It shows the latest results of the game. Also, external resources track the results for the last 24 hours. This allows you to assume at what time a certain sector falls out.

What is the purpose of tracking Crazy Time statistics? The fact is that experienced players often resort to various strategies. This is often not only a tool to win real money. Users who are experienced tend to make the gameplay more varied. And this is where those very strategies come to the rescue, as testing them is an interesting process in itself.

What does the Crazy Time statistic show?

In the game itself, it shows the results for the last sessions. It is essentially a dashboard that players need to check their results. For example, if a participant got distracted or for some reason missed the announcer’s announcement of the outcome.

But external resources are an option that is suitable for those who like to experiment with different strategies. In the game of Krazy Time statistics on external sites shows at what time more often falls out this or that sector. The essence of the strategy is to put money on the cell that falls out more often than others at a given time. However, it is important to realize that this does not give a guaranteed result, as everything is determined by a random number generator.


Yes, Crazy Time Live online game gives you the opportunity to win real money. This is a safe gambling entertainment that guarantees fair payouts to players. Since Evolution Gaming has received the necessary gambling licenses as well as certifications from independent laboratories. All adult users can join the gameplay.
Нет, это лайв игра, которая не имеет демонстрационного режима, по аналогии с игровыми автоматами. Однако версия demo Crazy Time не нужна, так как онлайн игра имеет простые правила, которые можно быстро освоить. Помимо того, производитель предоставляет промо ролики и возможность понаблюдать за игровым процессом.
No, it is not necessary to keep track of Crazy Time statistics for safe gameplay. Since the slot guarantees fair payouts and automatically credits them to players. However, online game statistics allow you to track the results of past rounds. You can find the field with up-to-date data at the bottom of the interface when you enter the game.
Yes, all members can play Crazy Time for free when the bonus rounds are triggered. These are mini-games that are activated when they land on the reel. However, in order to take part in them, the gambler must place a bet on them. In bonus games, you can win even more rewards.

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