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Many sports betting fans sometimes can’t quench their sense of excitement with betting alone - and so are looking for new ways to make money and have fun. The first thing that comes to mind is slot machines, but some may be scared off by the sight of classic slots, as they are often associated with something illegal.

Favor, gambling can be played without the classic design in the form of roulette, pop-up symbols, and similar colorful images. A good example of this is Bombucks online, slot machine from 1win. In Bom bucks to play will like everyone - and what is so attractive to players, we’ll deal with further.

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What is Bombucks slot and how to play it

To begin with, let’s understand what Bombucks slot machine is all about. The game is made in a pleasant minimalistic design, and the whole gameplay comes down to the user’s luck - you just need to choose one of several tiles correctly to multiply your winnings. However, you need to think carefully about your choice, because if the player hits the wrong square, the entire bet will be lost and the game will have to be restarted.

Rules of the game in Bombucks 1win:

  • Initially, the user makes a bet on the game - the minimum threshold can be 20 rubles, while the maximum can be as much as 20 thousand! Of course, the bigger the bet, the bigger the potential winnings - but we advise you not to spend all the available money, and intelligently approach the distribution of funds for each session.
  • Next, you need to choose the size of the playing field. In total, 1win Bom bucks presents 5 variants of the playing field in the ratio of length to width: 2x3, 3x6, 4x9, 5x12, 6x15. From the choice depends not only on the size of the field, but also the complexity of the game - because with the increase in size increases and the number of mines that will interrupt the game in case of hitting them.
  • After the bet is made and the playing field is selected, you can start the game. You are required to select one of several tiles in a row to advance further. As you have already realized, they come in safe and unsafe. When you hit the former, you will advance to the next row by multiplying the bet amount by the specified coefficient. If you hit the second - the game will be over and your bet will be burned, and you will have to start the session from the beginning.
  • You can stop the game in advance - just withdraw funds after successfully passing any of the rows. So you can not risk and save your winnings, but at the same time you will lose the opportunity to earn more. In addition, in the initial stages of the game, the odds are not too high, and therefore it will not be possible to hit the jackpot by constant withdrawals.
  • As soon as you feel that you have won more than enough money, you can withdraw money from 1win Bom bucks online to your own details. The withdrawal function in your personal cabinet will help you with this.

1win Bombucks

This is where the uncomplicated rules of the 1win Bom bucks game come to an end. It is worth noting that Bombucks demo as a mode in this game is not provided - the game is conducted immediately for real money. But, thanks to the simple rules and a wide range of bets, you can learn the game without losing extra money!

And we will help you in this by telling you the basic strategies for playing Bombucks.

Basic Strategies for Playing Bombucks Online

To start winning almost immediately, we suggest you consider our suggested tips for playing Bom bucks slot. Given that there is no demo mode in Bombucks as such, these tips will provide you with a comfortable start to the game, thanks to which you will quickly start earning big.

Basic tips that we recommend to follow when playing Bombucks 1vin:

  • Don’t play with your entire deposit. Bombucks 1win casino this term fits right in. Try not to make not too big bets - because there is always a risk of losing because of a wrong click. But at the same time, do not bet too little - so you practically can not earn on the slot.
  • Do not go straight to the wide field. Of course, the winnings there may be higher, but along with them grow and risks. To begin with, it is worth learning the basics of the game on a smaller site, and after learning all the important skills to move to the stages more difficult.
  • Play with a cool head. If luck is not on your side today, do not try to recklessly win back, only raising the stakes in the hope of a jackpot. Most likely, such a strategy will not bring anything good - and you will only lose even more. Remember that Bombucks is just a fun game, so play with a sober head and with the amount of money you are willing to part with.

Bombucks 1win

By following these tips, you will easily become an ace at Bombucks slot! So register at BC 1win and start playing now!


To play Bombucks online, becoming a user of BC 1win, is easy. It is enough only to register on the site. To do this, you need to find a working mirror, click on the registration button, and choose one of two options for creating an account. In the first, through the mail, you will need to leave an e-mail address and a cell phone number. In the second, you will need to choose one of the provided social networks and authorize through the available profile in it. Both methods are as simple as possible, and therefore registration takes just a few minutes and does not cause difficulties.
As we mentioned above, there is no demo mode in 1win Bombucks and there is no way to enable it. You need to play immediately for cash - but do not be frightened by such conditions, because the game is easy to learn and does not require large funds for a comfortable start. We advise you to use the above strategies for playing in Bombucks casino - and in a short period of time you will become a master of playing this slot machine!
Of course! Bookmaker 1win is famous among bettors and gamblers for its generosity, and therefore, registering on the site, expect gifts! One of them is a welcome bonus on your first deposit - you can get 500% of the deposit amount. To become a participant of the action, you need almost nothing - just register an account on the site. In addition, besides this welcome gift, 1win pleases its players with other bonuses, including cashback on online casino games, big money tournaments, bonus percentages on express bets, and much more. So we advise you to take a close look at the site’s bonus policy - you’ll find a lot of nice things there.
Comments of numerous users of the betting company 1win about the slot machine Boom bucks are often more than positive - after all, the slot gives the opportunity to win a large sum with a small investment! In addition, players are pleased with the lack of intricate rules, so you can understand and start the party after a few minutes of familiarity with the machine. Well, many players note the pleasant design of the game - if the classic slots beat bright colors, in Bombucks 1win everything is done elegantly and without frills. We advise you to make your own opinion about the game by trying it yourself!
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