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New slot machines have recently begun to appear in online casinos with cosmic speed. It is as if a large conveyor belt is working, supplying interesting products to the gambling market. Some players accuse providers that they make updated slots similar to each other - say, there is nothing new. We can partly agree. And it is not surprising that there is a category of gamblers who prefer the old proven machines, which have already proved their worthiness and replenish the fund of cool entertainment for all times. We will tell in this material about one such slot from Microgaming, which is called Big Kahuna. Let’s talk about the features of the slot, which can be played through official site 1win, its bonus options, as well as discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the machine.

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What is the Big Kahuna slot machine?

In 2004, Microgaming introduced to the gambling community slot machine Big Kahuna. This entertainment fruit genre, which is characterized by 3 rows and 5 reels - a fairly standard, classic set. Interesting, first of all, the RTP of this slot is 96.16%. Quite a high figure, which potentially makes the slot very profitable for mid-lot play.

The central character of the slot is the Hawaiian shaman Kahuna. He lives near the Hawaiian volcano. On the reels you can see his image wearing a ritual mask. 5 symbols in a line with this shaman will give you a win x500 of the bet - very impressive. By the way, a large varan in a 5 in a line combo will give you the same solid win. Interestingly, both of these symbols when they match from 2 pieces from the left reel already give you a winning combination. There is also a symbol that pays, being in a single copy - it is Wild, located on the far left reel. It is presented in the format of the logo of the machine.

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Bonus rounds and freespins

As such, there are no free spins in Big Kahuna. However, there are two prize rounds. The first one is the Mask Bonus. If on the line falls from 3 mask symbols - this round is activated. You will see 10 totems on the screen, and your task is to choose them, the order is not important. Under the mask will be a prize in cash, and if you see Collect - the game will end.

The second round is called Volcano Bonus. Accordingly, it is activated by a line with 3 or more volcano symbols. The winnings will depend on the number of symbols that have fallen out - the more there are, the more solid the payout. The gambler needs to choose one of 5 images - he will become the so-called sacrifice for the spirit of the volcano.

The most interesting thing - the slot quite often gives bonuses in the usual spins. About 1 time in 50-70 spins on average you can get a bonus round. There are often cases when bonuses fall in Big Kahuna one after another.

How to win in Big Kahuna slot machine?

Winning cash in the slot is possible. Just like playing any other entertainment - blackjack or roulette online - you can use mathematical universal strategies. Today there are quite a few of them. But most often gamblers use one and the same - the classic dogon. With this option you must start the game with the minimum value of the spin, and then with each loss double the nominal.

Play is necessary to win. Immediately after winning you need to again reduce the rate to the minimum. Winning is the moment when you caught the combo, and the total multiplier of winnings was x2 or higher. This strategy can bring you profit in the short term, and in a longer period of play.

big kahuna slot machine

Pros and cons of Big Kahuna slot

To be honest, there are no big minuses in the game. Some may be stressed by the very ancient design - after all, the slot is already 20 years old. Nevertheless, in this some players see some authenticity and the spirit of the time - looks pretty enough. There are no global errors, crashes and other bugs, including those affecting material losses, and this is very good.

Big Kahuna slot has advantages. First of all, there is a variety of bonus rounds. The presence of two options - this is very cool, especially when compared to slots that have no bonus rounds at all. It is also good that bonus rounds in the regular game fall out quite often. Let’s not forget about the RTP indicator, which is very high - machines with 96.16% return are considered to be excellent optimal options for a regular game.


The algorithm is quite simple. It is enough to go to the official site 1win, register and get a deposit bonus. Next, in the search box, type Big Kahuna, and then open the slot. Then you can make all the necessary settings of the machine, set the amount of spin and start playing. You can also take advantage of additional functionality - for example, set up autospin, increase the speed of rotation of the drums, etc.
The size of the maximum win in Big Kahuna slot is x8000 of the bet amount. Therefore, you determine the final size of the maxwin on your own - when placing the bet amount. In general, on the Internet you can find quite a few videos in which gamblers recorded catching the maximum winnings in this slot - that is, the machine is able to give large amounts to its users, paying out real money.
Usually this happens in those situations when players access online casino sites via phone or PC, which are blocked in the territories of their countries. Then play Big Kahuna slot machine will be very problematic. But, nevertheless, it is quite possible. You can use mirrors of sites that can be found in search engines and telegram channels on the subject of gambling. You can also use VPN-extensions, anonymizers, TOR browser, proxies and other ways to bypass blocking.
Many slots offer this option of playing through the demo mode. Big Kahuna also provides such an opportunity. You can go to the slot machine with zero balance and try to start the game - some casinos do not need to activate the demo mode. Well, in those services where activation is mandatory, just point the cursor at the slot and click on the «Demo Mode» button. When playing through Android or iOS applications, you will need to click on the slot in this case, after which there will be an option to choose the game for money or in free mode.

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