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Graphically beautiful slots in modern online casinos no longer seem surprising - many slot machines have this feature. But not every developer manages to combine good game mechanics, high RTP and good max win with bright graphics. But the Yggdrasil company managed to implement this idea in the Baron Samedi slot. In this article, we will look at this slot machine and tell you about its capabilities and features. Let’s talk about the functionality of Baron Samedi and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

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What is Baron Samedi?

The slot is available through 1win official website - it is recommended to use this particular platform for playing. The machine itself is a classic version of the game with 5 reels. In addition to regular symbols, you can also see special cards, wilds and, most importantly, cards with free spins on the field.

The slot has a slightly gloomy design in dark colors, but at the same time, the design is not devoid of brightness. There are no special functions - only setting the bet, autospin, and adjusting the sound. But let us note the presence of a collection. Dropping cards with free spins have their own functionality - an increased multiplier, a reel with wilds, mystical symbols (high paying) and much more. When you collect certain cards you will be able to receive free spins.
baron samedi slot machine

Bonus round and free spins

There is one not very positive nuance in the Baron Samedi game - the lack of the opportunity to buy a bonus round. However, you will be able to get it in the regular game. To do this, you need to collect a combination of 3+ cards with free spins. Interestingly, two such scatters give you the activation of the Voodoo Respin option - in this case, you have the opportunity to collect a profitable combination and get real money in a large amount.

If you collect at least three scatters, a bonus round with 7+ free spins starts. In each spin you get three cards with additional features. With them you can collect super combinations and secure a solid win. The RTP in the bonus round is significantly higher than in regular spins, and the bonus appears quite often - approximately once every 50-60 spins. Please note that you can use the Baron Samedi slot machine through 1win application on Android or iOS. You can also play through the mobile site or the main version of the 1win casino from a computer/laptop.
baron Saturday game

Game strategy in Baron Samedi 1win

No special gaming tactics for making money in the Baron Samedi game have been developed yet. But gamblers found a way out - using mathematical strategies.

Many of you know them exactly – they include the following models

  • Classic catch-up strategy;
  • Danish system:
  • Antimartingale;
  • Method of D’Alembert et al.

Practice shows that the best option is to play catch-up. But we note that it works well with full compliance with the rules, as well as in accordance with competent money management - this applies to the practice of gambling in any 1win slot machines. The principle of the strategy in question is that players must double each bet after a lost spin. The example is simple - you first bet 1 euro. After losing, place a bet of 2 euros. The next loss should be accompanied by the next spin of 4 euros, etc.

With this strategy, it is important to properly distribute your funds. For example, if you have 50 euros in the bank, then you shouldn’t start betting with 10. You won’t even have enough for a third bet after two losses to make a positive catch-up and make a profit. The recommended game layout is to start with a bet of 1-2% of the bank. In this case, you will have enough funds for 6-8 bets.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Baron Samedi slot machine has only one significant drawback - the lack of an option to purchase a bonus round. But, if you take into account the fact that the bonus drops quite often in a regular game, the disadvantage loses its negative meaning. Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing to complain about the slot.

The benefits are plentiful. The machine is quite beautifully built and designed - it has a very nice and user-friendly interface, clear functions, and a meaningful information section that explains the rules of the game. We also highlight the high RTP – 97%. MaxSween is not the highest - x2179, but this value can significantly increase your bank and provide excellent profits. The end result is an excellent slot machine that can bring not only good money, but also aesthetic pleasure from the game.


You can download the mobile application for iOS or Android devices through the official 1-win website. Next, install the program on your phone and log in. All that remains is to top up your account and launch the Baron Samedi game. Make the necessary settings and go to the game to get big wins.
It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. Baron Samedi gives away real money - that’s a fact. But the exact winning amounts depend on your luck and the bet amount. We can only remind you that the slot has a maximum multiplier size of x2179. Based on this value, you can calculate your possible winnings.
Typically, this situation occurs in two cases - when you try to enter an online casino that is blocked in your country, or when carrying out maintenance work on the service. In the first case, a mirror will help you - an alternative website address, or a mobile application. In the second - waiting for the completion of work, after which you can launch Baron Samedi and enjoy the gameplay.
No, this slot is an official product of the provider Yggdrasil, which is one of the most popular casino software developers in the world. Online, you can play at any convenient time with the understanding that the machine is absolutely reliable.

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