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Any player has a great desire to find a slot in the online casino, which will be to his liking and can regularly give out good winnings. In fact, this is not the easiest moment in the life of a gambler - there are a lot of slots, each characterized by its own features, and find «the one» machine is very difficult. Official site 1win mottled with thousands of different slot machines, but there is among them one that can charm any pragmatist and skeptic - this slot Asian Beauty. Let’s talk about it in detail in the current material, tell about the features, advantages and disadvantages of the machine.

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What is Asian Beauty slot?

From the name you can understand that this slot machine is dedicated to the theme of Asia and its beauties. It is designed accordingly - with a real Asian flavor. The Asian Beauty slot itself has a rather original design, a pleasant interface and convenient gameplay. Created this machine provider Microgaming, whose products are used in hundreds of casino services around the world. As for the technical features of the machine - it has 5 reels and 3 rows, the maximum number of lines - 243. Quite a standard set used in most slots from this developer.

Few slot machines 1win have such a high RTP as in Asian Beauty - 96.5%. This indicates that the slot is ready to give players payouts. Actually, this information is the most important for any gambler - the machine has a stylish design, a lot of lines sygrokovki and good RTP. Now let’s move on to another important point - 1win bonuses.
asian beauty slot machine

Freespins and Bonus Round

Like many other top slot machines, Asian Beauty slot has a bonus round. It falls out when 3 or more scatters appear on the field. The scatter is a symbol with a casket. In the bonus can fall out from 10 to 25 spins. Note that with five scatter payout on the bet is x100 - the payoff of the standard bonus round.

Also note that the slot has a Wild symbol - it is depicted on the logo of Asian Beauty. This symbol replaces all the usual icons, which contributes to the creation of winning combinations. The slot has and additional mini-game. It can be activated in simple rotations, and it happens like this: 12 mirrors appear, and the gambler in turn needs to click on each. As soon as three Asian girls fall out - you will take the winnings.

How to win money through Asian Beauty slot machine?

Obviously, no standard method for winning money in this slot machine has been invented yet. Players try to use mathematical strategies to stabilize the receipt of winnings. As an example, you can cite the Dalembert method, strategy antimartingale, as well as the classic catch-up. The last option is the most popular and successful among gamblers.

The essence of dogon is the following - you need to bet, starting with the minimum amount, and in the case of each loss double the nominal. Sygryki with a total multiplier of less than x2 is also a loss. As soon as you catch combos with x2 or more - you can stop, fix the profit and continue to play the same strategy, starting with the minimum amount. By the way, apply this tactic can be used both when playing on regular spins, and in the case of acquiring bonus rounds.
asian beauty slot

Pros and cons of Asian Beauty

The slot is quite old, has standard game mechanics. The RTP is quite high compared to many machines, but this information is not one hundred percent - judging by player reviews, the slot’s payoff is not the most ideal. However, it can work in different ways - after all, the indicator is calculated cumulatively on a large sample of games.

As for the advantages - of course, here we should include the design of the machine. Asian Beauty slot is executed in the Asian theme, has excellent navigational properties and is quite bright and colorful. The presence of freespins and bonus rounds makes this slot machine attractive to any gambler. In addition, the slot is found in many gaming services - for example, 1win casino, Pokerdom, First Casino and other sites.


You can win up to 40,000 coins when you play the Asian Beauty slot machine. This is quite a high maximum win compared to other slots of Microgaming provider - that’s why it has quite a high popularity among players. Cases of winning maxwin are available - they can be found in any world video hosting.
At the moment, Asian Beauty slot is available in a huge number of different casinos around the world. You can find this slot machine on Pokerdom, Vavada, First Casino, 1win and many others. Please note that not all services have the opportunity to play for free.
Theoretically, of course, you can. In practice, such a few succeed because of the lack of game discipline. You can when playing slot machine Asian Beauty use mathematical strategies - they contribute to not drain the entire bank immediately. In this case, pay attention - bankroll should not be the smallest to achieve success with this game model.
The developer states that Asian Beauty does not have a demo mode as such. We tried to find a casino where the slot has a free mode and failed. Perhaps there are such playgrounds in the world, however, they are clearly in the minority.

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