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Arabian Nights: The best slot with an oriental theme!

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Slots in online casinos are increasing in number every day. Providers regularly release new products, and the machines are becoming more and more interesting in terms of the game scenario, as well as the size of the winnings. In this regard, you can take a closer look at the slots from the supplier AGT Software, namely the Arabian Nights slot machine, which has recently attracted the attention of tens of thousands of players. In this article we will talk about this slot and playing it through the 1win official website, consider its strengths and weaknesses, and also talk about the availability of free spins and bonus rounds.

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What is Arabian Nights?

This is an oriental themed slot. In it you will see 5 reels with 10 paylines. As in most other slots, games here are counted by 3 symbols from left to right along the line. The symbols are familiar and not so familiar - for example, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, as well as special ones - Sultan, Princess Jasmine, flower, crossed swords, tea set, Wild and Scatter.

Quite an interesting game that allows you to make good money. The slot does not have the highest RTP - at 95.6%. However, luck often smiles on players - you can often see in various reviews of influencers big gains in Arabian Nights slots through 1win casino. Progressive jackpot available. The functionality of the slot is minimal - of the available options, the only option that comes to mind is holding the spin button to get an autospin. Not a very convenient move, considering that for constant continuous play you will have to either constantly click a button, or hold your finger or cursor.
arabian nights slots

Slot bonus round

Another negative point about the Arabian Nights slot is that the machine does not have the option to purchase a bonus round. This is not very good, since for many gamblers the main form of the game is precisely related to the purchase of a bonus. Unfortunately, this option is not available to players in this slot machine.

But you can get a bonus in the game. Spin the spins and if at least 3 scatters appear on the field, you will receive 15 free spins. Interestingly, 4 or 5 scatters will also give you 15 free spins. There are no special symbols or features in the bonus round - you just spin 15 FS in Arabian Nights and collect the winnings. It is worth noting that in this bonus mode, scatters appear more often - many gamblers note that big wins are achieved precisely because of this. The frequency of the bonus is approximately once every 100 spins.

How to play Arabian Nights profitably?

arabian nights slot

You can play Arabian Nights Slot on the 1win service. To do this, go to the 1 wine website and register. If you can’t log into the site, try using a 1win mirror. After registration, top up your account and receive a 1win bonus on your deposit. You can play through the mobile version, or using the application, which is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

The best option to play for real money is to try to hit the bonus round. You can use the old catch-up strategy. For example, start with a minimum bet of 10 rubles. Spin 10 spins. If the bonus does not appear, spin another 10 spins, but for 20 rubles each. If unsuccessful, raise the bet to 40 rubles and make 10 spins again. If the bonus appears, you will be able to get 15 spins at a high denomination, if you manage to get x50 from the bet, which is more than likely - you will cover all the minuses and make a solid profit.

Pros and cons of the slot

Let’s start with the shortcomings. The lack of opportunity to buy a bonus round is the main disadvantage. Let us also note the small functionality of the slot machine Arabian Nights. It is not very convenient to constantly keep your finger on the spin button, or regularly press it to play a little faster. 1win vouchers are not available for the slot.

As for the benefits, the good RTP stands out. Bonus rounds also occur quite often, in which there is a high probability of getting solid winnings. The design of the slot itself is colorful and bright, while the design does not look intrusive or tacky. In other words, a good slot for regular play, which does not have any big flaws, bugs or shortcomings.


Go to the 1win website and register. After this, you can receive a deposit bonus for replenishing your account. Enter Arabian Nights in the search bar and open the slot machine. Next, set your bet and start playing.
It all depends on the bet amount. If your bet size is minimal, even with a big X, you won’t win very much money. If you try to bet at the maximum, you can win big real money. When playing Arabian Nights Slots, always match the size of your bankroll to the amount you bet so that you can correctly calculate your funds and not lose everything.
Try restarting the connection. Otherwise, find a 1win mirror. You can also download the application on iOS and Android to have uninterrupted access to the service and the Arabian Nights slot game.
To do this, you can use online search engines, and also try to find the current address through specialized telegram channels. You can download the application for permanent access to Arabian Nights through the official website 1 win.

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