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Bookmaker 1win

Cashback up to 30%

1win invest: investment in bookmaker


Want to know what this site really is? The online casino clearly demonstrated this by launching a full-fledged investment platform for its clients. Having successfully developed since 2016, the company has become a favorite place for experienced gamblers and betters. However, now cooperation with 1vin is not limited to sports betting and playing classic slot machines. All community members have an exclusive opportunity - investing in the development of an entertainment club.

Bookmaker 1win is more than just a gambling hobby. Now it can work for you! This is a great alternative to passive income. Visitors to the resource have the opportunity to earn money without being distracted from their daily routine. To obtain a regular income, minimal financial investments will be required, and the team members will do the rest themselves.

1win casino bonuses

1win invest: what is this in simple words?

This is a way of earning money that is provided exclusively to registered users of the company. It represents a good passive income option for clients. Gambling and betting are pure luck, and it is more correct to perceive them as entertainment or a hobby. And 1win Invest is an investment program in 1win casino, providing guaranteed and regular income. In this case, a team of specialists works to ensure that the investor, regardless of the amount of investment, has a profit.

In addition, the amount of income is directly proportional to the amount of investment, and therefore there is no deception. The investment system has absolutely transparent conditions. That is, this casino offer can be considered as additional income. The funds received can be withdrawn in any convenient way.

1win investments: casino sponsorship terms

Investing in a betting business of this scale is a profitable and profitable decision. You can make good money from this. However, there are minor restrictions from which you should start working with the platform. After all, before investing in anything, you need to know the potential risks.

What does it take to become a 1vin investor?

  • Be a full member of the community. In other words, go through 1win registration, as well as make the first deposit. By the way, this will be followed by activation of the welcome package, which can hardly be called a minus.
  • After this, you need to go to the 1win invest tab, indicate the appropriate amount and make your first investment in the development of the company.
  • Dividends, according to the terms of the platform, will have to wait about a week. What to do with the net profit is a personal matter for the investor.

Important: the minimum amount for sponsorship in the 1win invest program is only 100 rubles. The amount is quite acceptable, taking into account the interest that the program participant will then receive on his balance.

1win invest registration

1win invest: assessment of investor income

The second side of the 1win invest coin is the profit that the sponsor receives. The 1 win invest program has a large list of advantages that should be discussed in more detail.

Let’s look at the advantages of investing in the 1win betting business:

  • The investor’s income is up to 33% of the investment amount;
  • 1win invest dividends are accrued weekly;
  • There are no commissions;
  • This earnings do not need to be wagered. You can immediately withdraw to your account;
  • Technical support works 24/7;
  • Minimal risks for investors, since everything is handled by an experienced team;
  • Passive income. Virtually no client time is required;
  • A well-known company name is already working to earn money.

Among other things, the platform is multilingual, and its audience is not limited to the CIS countries. All this demonstrates that this site is more than sports betting or online games. This is a full-fledged club where the opinions of its members are taken into account. And you can become one of them!

Investments 1win: let's talk about numbers

Making a decision is much easier if you have real figures about the development of the enterprise before your eyes. They are the ones who make it clear how profitable the business is and whether it is worth the financial investment. Despite the fact that the bookmaker’s name is already well-known, this does not mean that it is profitable. We suggest looking for evidence by contradiction: we don’t know what kind of brand it is and we don’t take its word for it. This means we need to consider the specific results of this company. The brand’s activities started in 2016. From that moment:

  • 4.5 million users from all over the world have registered on the site;
  • On average, 8,000 active players are registered on the resource;
  • Every month more than 1,000,000 bets are made on the platform;
  • 15,000 webmasters have joined to cooperate with 1vin;
  • The company’s advertising reach exceeds 500,000,000 views every month.

Investments 1win

Agree that if the question is about investing in the 1win invest program with these indicators, then a positive answer is more rational and reasonable. For this reason, the project has become popular among investors. Being part of it is financially rewarding.

1 win invest: how is the investor's income realized?

The scheme is transparent: a registered user invests an amount convenient for him in the development of the casino, and specialists use it for brand PR. At the end of each week, all 1win invest investors receive a percentage of advertising income. The size directly depends on the amount of investment. As you can see, everything is very simple. However, how is PR carried out on the 1win online platform?

Advertising of a gambling resource occurs on all available platforms, namely:

  • Social media. Cooperation with popular YouTube and Telegram channels that can attract a loyal audience;
  • SEO brand promotion. Development of the company by attracting organic traffic, promoting mirrors and the official website of the company;
  • Teaser advertising. Placing creative banners and messages that attract attention with intriguing content;
  • Banners on websites. Purchasing the most relevant places on sports websites;
  • Push notification. Casino offers for subscribers of online resources, via a browser;
  • Clickunder and Popunder. Placing pop-up windows on thematic platforms.

1win invest: Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
✔️ Income 33% of the deposit amount ❌ Only for casino members
✔️ No commissions
✔️ Convenient withdrawal of funds
✔️ Dividends every week


The bookmaker company offers its clients an exclusive opportunity to earn money. The official 1win website allows all registered users to invest in the development of the project, receiving dividends from it. This is an opportunity to get real money into your account through a minimal investment. Also a great source for passive income.
To do this, you first need to register at an online casino and then make your first deposit. Only adult users can become participants. Next you need to go to your personal account or to the 1win invest tab on the 1vin bookmaker website. Specify the amount you want to invest and expect profit. It will automatically be credited to the investor’s balance.
First of all, you can only invest real money in the development of the project. The program participant’s income is 33%, directly proportional to the amount of his contribution. Bookmaker 1win adds interest to the user’s balance every week. Also note that there are no commissions. You can withdraw funds through any convenient payment system.
Yes, the 1win bookmaker offers to download the official site application to your smartphone. It supports Android, IOS and Windows operating systems. At the same time, the application has the same functionality as the full version of the site. However, the interface has been greatly simplified, making it more user-friendly. Thanks to this, a community member can track all the necessary information directly from his mobile device.